Keeping my promise

A few months ago, this community asked DreemPort to collaborate.

Immediately, I said, "Yes of course!" After getting to talk with the mods and founder of the community I had a special feeling about this upcoming month. At the time, it was still far off into the future, but I just had that special feeling. Why?

Because we have all kinds of challenges for DreemPort. Some focus on our skills, some focus on silliness, some focus on engagement, some focus on personal goals, some focus on pushing us beyond our limits.... but this one? This one had a special impact on my heart. This one made me think "how can we help to heal a nation?"

This nation is Nigeria, and dreemers are going to Hive Naija.

I know some of you are thinking - but... we aren't Nigerian! hehe That was one of my first questions to @belemo. And he assured me - Hive Naija isn't only for Nigerians. Hive Naija is a community that expresses the Nigerian experience to all- and all are welcome.

I bet there are a lot of people who didn't know that - so I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that you are invited to experience Nigeria! But I'll be brutally honest with you - because many Nigerians have been brutally honest with me! There are many who are struggling with their country. It is not what it once was, and there are a lot of hurting hearts, dashed hopes, and fractured futures.

But remember - the seed. The future orchard. The unity and the peace.

There are some who feel their only chance at a good future is to leave Nigeria. But I have spoken to some who believe that Nigeria is not a lost cause - and that they hope for a revival. A restoration of a better Nigeria. They still have hope, and they have said "Because what else can we do?"

And I thought... isn't this what so many of us are feeling right now? Isn't this uncertainty pervasive in so many minds today? Aren't we currently doubting our own governments and our own countries and wondering how things have slipped? If there is a way back? Is there something to bind us together?

The knee-jerk reaction is "LET'S CHANGE THE COUNTRY!" Let's rebel! Let's demand! Let's push back! And I'm here to say... hmmm. I think there is a better way. I think instead of focusing on the negative and drawing more attention to it by shouting at it, calling it out, knocking it back... there are better AND SAFER ways to achieve the same results.

Instead of inflaming the war - what if we attract like-minded game changers?

Instead of going on the offense for our needs - what if we looked for ways to lift others?

Instead of the war of words - what if we tried to #speekpeece?

Yes we are going to Hive Naija, and I believe that Nigeria needs this right now. I don't think that we are going to solve all the problems in Nigeria in 3 weeks. I'm not that naive. But I do think that a small seed can be planted for that future orchard. I think that we can all come with united hearts FOR Nigeria - but we also can be changed in the process. I think that when we have the intent to change a country - it needs to begin with us, inside our hearts and homes. When that happens, the change organically and naturally radiates outwards and becomes contagious.

It sounds like a lot. Maybe it sounds too idealistic for some. I say - don't let that prevent you from being a part of something special. Let's continue to get ready for October. I'm super excited!!! Let's do this together!

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