Gotta be this highlight for Hive in 2021 for me!


Anything for Guilty! hehehe

I always remember my first interaction with him, how kind, generous and helpful he was, and still is. That guy has been rooting for me in the background ever since. So when I saw he had a challenge - DONE. šŸ˜


HANDS DOWN - my Hive highlight is the surprise that we just announced for our project - bringing.... well, now? its up to SIX Hivers together to meet face to face, from all around the world! (Nigeria, England, USA, Malaysia, and South Africa)

Plans always have a twisted way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it! hahaha For 2021, I had GRAND PLANS that started the year - January, in fact! I still remember having the conversation that started it all. I was on a beautiful walk in Florida, talking on Telegram with @penderis and saying "hmmmm do you think we could build this...."


I had the money to fund it,

the time to devote to it, and

the energy to help it grow!


By April - those STEPS had been changed. But the PATH was a bright new path that made it even better (though, a bit longer than we had hoped)!

We launched our project on Hive in June! And my gosh - what a thrill!!! What an absolute thrill to see a baby project being born into the world! Then, the big meetup that we had planned changed, again! Of course, it couldn't fly the way we had planned. It was simply too much money after losing most of my crypto in the April hack.

One of my favorite stories is Stone Soup. It's the ULTIMATE story of how someone begins a "project" of making a community soup for the entire neighborhood, starting with almost nothing.

The main character walks through the town, offering to make a soup to feed all, but all he has to contribute is a smooth stone. Little by little, the community gets excited about the idea of a grand meal for everyone - and offers one thing at a time to make the event a success. One offers the big pot, one offers their harvest of carrots, one offers some onions. On and on these gestures continue until they've all come together to make something as a whole - that they simply couldn't have done alone.

This is exactly how I feel about our project on Hive.

One by one, Hivers have come together offering what they can contribute - and it all started with a "person with a simple stone".


Merry Christmas, Hive family!

p.s. ignore all the aforementioned stuff, I changed my mind... My best highlight was spending some quality face-tatted horse-fairy time with @l337m45732 - duuuuuuuuuuuude. I love you! I choose you over....cough cough anyday. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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