DreeMerge: Merging is Live!

If you've been stacking your virtual cards by curating on DreemPort daily, you probably have quite a few in your portfolio! Some people have earned a few high level cards by joining in the Pirate Hunt this month - and some have just been stacking like crazy - waiting til the "MERGE" was live.

Nope, not the Ethereum Merge. The DreeMerge Merge. hehehe say that 5 times fast and try not to giggle! LOL

Let's take a look at @mypathtofire's cards, as I know he's been stacking and excited about seeing what's next!

Here is his profile page (take a look at that awesome profile frame that he won! hehehe) and as you can see - he's all up to date on claiming his cards since his notification says that he has no new cards available. But after his curation today - he'll have more to reveal!

Let's jump to his My Cards page to see what he's got! Ok - upon inspection - he's got 29 virtual cards that he's stacked so far! Remember - these are the FREE VIRTUAL CARDS that everyone gets to play with - WITHOUT needing to pay for anything. We wanted to keep it fun and easily accessible for people - so free works well for that, don't you think? hehehe

I'm not going to show all his cards - but here we have a nice selection to demonstrate some things!

You can see in the Brown Lock & Key series - he has 1 Level 1, 2 Level 2's and even an epic Level 3! Remember you don't have to HOPE that "luck shines upon you" in order to get a level 3, 4 or even 5! You can MERGE your lower cards to create higher level cards!

Let's zoom in - because you can see that he's actually READY to do that in the Purple Dragonfly series NOW!

Once you have 7 of any level 1 cards of a series - you can merge them into a level 2 card!

  • Have 5 level 2 cards in a series? You can merge THOSE into a level 3 card!

  • 3 level 3 cards in a series, can merge up into a level 4 of that series!

  • And 2 level 4's will give you the fully revealed Level 5 card of that series.

You can see that @mypathtofire has 8 of the Level 1 Purple Dragonfly cards. When he clicks on the green button to merge them to Level 2 - it will CONFIRM that is what he wants to do. Once confirmed - he will have an additional Level 2 - giving him a total of 3 Level 3 Purple Dragonfly cards.

Obviously the most common cards, and most likely to be drawn are the lower levels cards - but.... you can always have that "lucky pull" where you might get a legendary level 4! hehehe or an epic level 3! That's the fun of it - the mystery and suspense and the RACE to get to that top 5 revealed card first!

This week I'll answer more questions on the DreeMerge cards , like:

  • What happens at level 5?

  • When can we mint, should we want to?

  • Can we merge across series?

  • How many winners can there be in this Race you're talking about? and what's the prize?

More to come this week! But for now... go level up those cards!!!

Thanks to @shadowspub, @bluefinstudios, @kenechukwu97, @kemmyb, @jamerussell, @mypathtofire, @melinda010100, @samsmith1971 and @dreemsteem for making the @dreemport voting power go farther! ❤️

All images are screenshots of Dreemport.com or DreemPort assets and used with permission.

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