Leaving the US? Where do crypto-lovers go? Help???

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This is the second time I'm putting this question out there, but the first time wasn't really probing enough. It was more like a tentative, nervous question.

Now, it's a big more tentative and nervous! hahaha

For those who have made the move out of the US for crypto-business reasons... where did you go, why, and how long did it take you to decide?

Maybe there are people who are already living in countries that are super crypto-friendly, and you make a case for where you live?

I would so love for anyone to chime in, give counsel, and point me in the best direction to start considering. We aren't moving TOMORROW hahaha we do have time to plan. We're not in a rush, and we also aren't dead set on moving.

It's just the initial stages of curiosity and wondering - is it best to stay in the US??

I am thanking you all in advance for your advice, books, youtubes, etc! :)

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