Winners, Mini-COMEDY-challenge, and Grovid for February!!

Let's start out with a funny!

About 7 years ago, we worked at a different camp. It's one of those places where you live in a fish bowl. Everyone knows your business, the front door is always open for visitors, and life is very close. Sometimes too close!

One of my husband's staff used to come over all the time because he loved playing a certain card game with us. He rarely won - which made him want to play all the more! He just HAD to win. He became addicted to the game and would even show up to our house on a lunch break just so he could play with me and the kids to get better.

One day before work, he ran to the house, excited and out of breath, and opened the front door. Huffing and puffing he just looked at me and said, "wanna play around?"

Of course he DIDN'T say that. But that's what I heard. With his eyes turning as big as saucers and his face turning bright red, he realized exactly what it sounded like.

He SAID... "Want to play a round? (of cards... in the game.)" And the proceeded to say that just like that - very specifically...and slowly... so that it didn't sound like he just ran to his boss' house to fool around with his wife.

We both just BUSTED up laughing for about 5 minutes straight, and I said - yeah sure, let me get the kids we can PLAY CARDS! LOL

So... what about you?? LOL

Ever have one of those situations where the words come out all wrong??? Any funny ones you want to share? LOL

For just this one week (because you know this is technically our BREAK week) we are going to do a little mini challenge featuring the #ComedyOpenMic community. We are going to play a formal challenge with them in the future!! For a whole month! So don't worry - if you have fun, there will be more to come! But for this week... Let's have a Comedy Challenge!

DROP YOUR POST ONTO THE DREEMPORT SITE ON THURSDAY by 4pm PST telling us a funny story when the words ran away from you. (or... maybe someone put their foot in their mouth with you!) Just make sure it's funny! hahahaha and keep it PG-13 all... Remember those DreemPort guidelines!


Click on the image to read their submissions - and you can see you all have been given the Ink Well profile frames! Enjoy them!

Remember that in addition to the 100 DREEM tokens for winners, the top 5 will also be getting our special frames created in honor of our AWESOME month with Ink Well!!! Thank you so much @jayna and the rest of the crew at @theinkwell for allowing us to partner with you this month! It was super fun, super creative, and super special. We truly look forward to the next time!!!

More wins??

Yep! Everyone who participated in this week's challenge with a valid entry will receive 25 tokens for joining in the fun... BUT Remember that we had a secondary challenge going on! If you beat your score from last week - you received 50 additional tokens for improving your audience rating!! This week TWO PEOPLE surpassed their previous scores!!!! woooooooot! Congratulations to @abmakko and @princessbusayo!

You will be getting an additional 50 DREEM tokens to your wallet this week!


Thank you to @theinkwell for that FINAL awesome week! 😍

We truly loved coming alongside your community and we hope that some of our users (or all?? haha) will stay and enjoy your weekly prompts! They certainly inspired a lot of people this month! Thanks for doing what you do!!!

AND DON'T FORGET EVERYONE... start scratching that brain for some funnies for this week! Use the #comedyopenmic tag and then DROP IT INTO DREEMPORT ON THURSDAY BY 4PM PST!

and What's coming up for FEBRUARY'S CHALLENGE??? WE ARE GOING INTO THE GARDEN, led by the Master of the Garden Himself... @bluefinstudios! Be on the lookout for that post this week so you can be ready to join in!!!

What do you think? Sound easy enough?

Hope to help you connect with MORE readers through DreemPort!

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