Pirate frames for ye? Come claim it, then!

Not all me pirates were able to attend the pirate parties on Thursday's for @Shadowspub's PYPT! We had lots of fun, and lots of prizes were given out as pirate treasure! Hope ye felt rewarded!!!

But... If ye missed out? Here is an opportunity to have a final treat before we say goodbye to our pirate plans for a while!

While we were on the Treasure Hunt - you had to collect letters as clues - unscramble them and form words! But.... instead -to claim THIS prize, I'm going to give you the letters and YEEEE be needin' to create a sentence with them! LOL

Example: If I give you these letters " W, H, A, G, T, C"
an example of your sentence would be.. We Had A Great Time, Captain!


Alright - for all who be wantin' this pirate frame....

Head to this THREAD. Use the letters I gave you to create a phrase! Can be funny, silly, clever, ridiculous- whatever! Just have fun! (If you have trouble opening threads - you can use THIS link and leave a comment there instead!)

Ye be havin' until Saturday at midnight PST to be claimin' this frame! (but why wait? drop your answers now! hehe don't forget to use the #dreemport tag on your thread!)

Good luck Pirates!!!

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