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How do you detect your relationship
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Dear readers, have you ever been in a relationship and you felt that everything was going well on the surface, but deep down you felt great doubts even though you tried very hard to get through it, good friends who were around you constantly saying it wasn't true from the very beginning you started the relationship, with your indifferent attitude ignoring your friend's advice, maybe you have a lot of shame if you break up suddenly, and you also think what they know about your relationship.

The wrong person is not a criminal, not an extremist, not a terrible person, but your partner has some inconsistencies, some things you want will change, you also often wonder if there are still people outside who are more compatible with me , but strangely enough every time it comes up you are so quick to silence it by thinking of something else, you are constantly letting yourself in the wrong relationship by not having the slightest courage to investigate the truth behind it all.

I totally understand what you're going through, but you see in the next 5 years that you'll say with regret that you've wasted your precious time with the wrong people, it's really really hard for something that has looked like investment for us, but all of those things will become more difficult later on.

If you are struggling to find answers about a relationship you are in, this opportunity Mimin will share some information that readers can detect in a reader's relationship. , it could be love, career, business, social and so on.

The first thing at once that you need to do to detect whether your relationship is okay is to look inside yourself whether as far as your relationship goes whether you can feel calm, peace, happiness or otherwise you can only feel stress, frustration, and hurt. the heart that you constantly feel.

For example you are today in a loving relationship, every day you feel no moments of peace, you keep wondering where he is, with whom, what he is doing and he never tells you about his plans, you often feel you are alone but when you find your partner on social media he looks so having fun with other people, this shows that he is not the right person for your life, the solution you can do is leave him or you are patient with the suffering in your life. generate.

The second thing you can do is to look deep into yourself by asking if you are with someone because you are afraid to be alone even though you already know that spending a lot of time with them doesn't make you happy, but you still do it because you are afraid to be alone, when things go wrong. If you believe that in a relationship you are in, you can be sure that your relationship is not healthy & it is very sad that you have wasted your precious time with the wrong person.

It's a little weird when you think about why trying to spend time with people can't give you peace of mind just being afraid of being alone, when the truth is being alone is so much better than spending time with the wrong people, you can only get that empty feeling after spending time with people. what is not right, best advice leave,, leave & never look back.

The third thing that often happens when someone is in an unhealthy relationship is dating, meeting, chatting with someone for the wrong reasons, to support this mistake usually people near us will say he is very nice, he is very sweet, he is wise but in reality we're just doing something aimless, like playing marbles in a dark alley, people will say the hallway is amazing, well I think that's really stupid.

It's true to get a healthy relationship is not easy, but a relationship is not intended to add to your sadness & pain, that relationship should give birth to energy, enthusiasm, focus, purpose in life for you to open otherwise the relationship destroys your life.

It's a little sensitive when I see scribbles on social media when they're moaning about a relationship they've been in, like cheating, betraying, hurting family and some other shitty cases that have happened, so I think detecting every relationship we're about to start is best solution, this way we can make sure everything is running fine.

It's not easy asking yourself critical questions when you're in a relationship, but finding out early on is much better than regretting five years from now, everyone has the right to decide who to be friends with who to be enemies, there are no rules particular about it, but creating happiness for yourself is way above all else.

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