Top 5 totally relevant blockchain use cases that prove I'm a genius

Eureka! The moment that idea slides into your brain's DM.
Then you're like damn I'm intelligent, your ever suffering partner on hearing this gem of an idea groans and wonders how someone like you could pass high school.

Here goes nothing, if you want to invest in insanity, let me know.

1 - Underwear Ledger - So, for every token you can redeem a pair of washed undies which is a win for you and the people around you. These can be sponsored by your mom, partner, friends, dog,neighbours and other humans who live a normal life. The record is immutably in the blockchain even if you wear it inside out. If you continue to wear the same one for 15 days, the nodal operators might breakdown.


2 - Insult NFTs - Ever thought of or received an insult that should go down in history books?
Mint the insults and sell them as NFTs. Here's an example:


3 - The misery coin - Misery loves company so we are going to setup a co that involves proof of stake and pools your misery to generate profit... or loss.

4 - Rugpullswap - Do you have a pile of worthless rugpull coins? Do you think the grass is greener on the other rug? Then find a sucker poor investor and exchange your rug for their rug. Its a lose-lose situation that makes game theory purists cry.

5 - Grammmmer Token - Ever find a strange soul who uses they're , their, and the oxford comma correctly. Want to send them a little encouragement. Your going to need the Grammmer's token. See you're popularity rise with you're new grammar prof status.

You can blame all my zany posts on calumam whose contest POB WOTW is the bane and boon of my extistence.

Check it out here at your peril

Also, how mad will the people be if I tag this leofinance :P

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