Crypto Terms for Beginners


I've made guides to understand crypto lingo in a simple, funny way (link) that'll make sure you dont forget these strange terms and can walk-up to any telegram group and fit right in.

Here are some more:

Airdrop: like getting money out of thin air. You hodl something and it qualifies you for more riches. So rich becoming richer. What's new?

Flippening: The post apocalyptic scenario in which ether somehow manages to beat bitcoin. The end will be nigh.

Liquidity: If the crypto was real time palpable like if it was a note or a coin. Sigh

Impermanent Loss: When you enter the deep end of the liquidity pool without a life support. Loss incurred because of differences in supply and demand of the pair of crypto you chose.

Minnow: We put the minnow in minnowscule investment.

No Coiner: Your mum, my mum. Mums who believe in property and gold, not crypto.

Pay Play to earn: Escaping from your actual job to play games and earn pennies.

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