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To communicate with people you love in the language of heart requires you to understand their feelings and motivations. As humans we tend to express our deepest emotions through words. In doing so it is important to remember that words are empty unless they have meaning to the person for whom they are spoken. Without having the ability to understand the language of heart your words will amount to nothing.

The process of expressing emotion in words is called translation. It is a universal process that has been developed by all cultures in order to pass on messages. While translation does not guarantee that what is being expressed will be understood by another person, it does provide an opportunity for two people to connect on an emotional level. Translation also helps the person giving the message know how the other person feels.

When communicating with someone in the language of heart you will likely start by building a connection with them on an emotional level. You might begin with simply expressing how you feel about them. Then as the relationship develops you can try to understand their perspective, how they see things, and what they hope to gain from the relationship. This may include a simple statement such as "You make me very happy" or it could be something more complex such as "I am so happy that we are dating."

If you intend to communicate with the language of heart you must have patience. Even if you have just met the person you may need to give them time to get to know you before you attempt to communicate any deeper. It can be very frustrating to communicate with someone who has made no eye contact with you throughout the conversation. Even if they did eventually look at you it may be in a glance rather than with a more enduring expression of emotion.

If the person you want to connect with in the language of heart is someone you already know this will be much easier. They will already feel as though you are trustworthy and will already have established a connection based on your words. This will enable you to better convey your message and build trust much faster than if you were communicating with someone that you met online.

You should also consider that the person you are communicating with in the language of heart is a real person with a real personality and desires. Many people use the internet to connect with others who share their interests. These people will often give a more detailed description about themselves than they do in person. This can be effective but is not always the best way to communicate your wants to the person you want to connect with. You should instead give as much detail as possible using the words of your body language and expressions.

The process of communicating with the language of heart can be very difficult for beginners. Often you will simply be communicating in ways that may not be very effective. Instead of trying to communicate your message, the other person may simply turn away from you. In order to help the other person get more involved and respond to your message you may want to include small gestures that will help connect you both emotionally.

You may find that you cannot communicate with the person you want to connect with using the language of heart if you are used to speaking or hearing your message in a monotone voice. There are many people that are monotone in their communication and often it causes problems. This can happen because the person has a hard time accepting someone that does not speak the same way as them. If you are used to speaking this way then it may be difficult for you to talk to someone who does not speak this way. This is why you should try to learn how to communicate with the person in a way that is natural to both of you.

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