Building lasting, healthy and peaceful relationships

We are not designed to live in isolation, but it neccesary to know how to relate with others atleast with some level of peace and understanding.

In this post, my emphasis will be on some tips on how to build lasting, healthy and peaceful relationship with people and loved ones.



Maintain a good relationship

What is relationship? In my own view; Relationship have to do with the heart. Relationship means to be connected, either physical or distanced. Relationship is more of connectivity than proximity.

The fact that you are living with someone or physically in contact does not guarantee good relationship.

When there's no connectivity there's no relationship, So it's best to pay more attention to connecting via effective communication, transparency, accountability and honesty. It's our duty to develop true connectivity to have peaceful relationships.



Develop a forgiving spirit

Sincerely! If we always capitalise on people's errors and mistakes we can have an healthy relationship, It will stop the flow of peace and progress.

Yes!!! We know past or present offenses hurts, but its important to learn to put handlable errors behind and focus on a brighter future without breaking the bond of relationship easily.

There's no gift of forgiveness; the habit of forgiveness must be consciously learnt and practiced daily.

Obviously! You can't totally eradicate people offending you once a while because no one is without mistakes nor perfect. Therefore! without the ability to forgive and be patient with people's excesses you can't have lasting, healthy peaceful relationship with people. You will just be chasing and changing people forever.

Also without the understanding of true love you can't easily forgive and let go people's mistakes.

True Love endures with patience, serenity and kindness.



Develop good financial management skills

Many families and relationships are under pressure because of financial strain and mismanagement.

We have to understand that whatever we have is enough, understand and agree with the principle of phase by phase standard of living. Plan and execute projects or daily expenditures within the resources available per time, by doing this atleast we can have some level of healthy peaceful relationship and family.

Let me stop here for now. I hope I have mentioned some helpful points? Kindly share your thoughts.

Thank you for taking your time to read through my post.

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