Word of the week S4:W2. Invictus

Flower that grows from Concrete.


We are all born to be great in our own ways and having to meet people and loving them and those who will inspire or discourage you.

A man without a vision is a walking corpse and has no dream, no obstacles to reach his goal. Criminals breake into a house when there is something valuable to steal and compared to his life that makes it worth risking for. Vision sometimes are self explanatory, only you see the dreams, feel it and knows how it looks like but many obsatcles will come down your way and pulled you down but only the strong in heart could pass through the test and when God is by your side .

Love is just a simple four letter words but is potent in a heart that give it space and let its grow. Some flowers are born not to make it through the day Sunlight and the dark but they did. We must keep pushing through thousands times as we fail as the flower in this picture shows how it grows from a concrete so we too should grow in our relationship, business, studies, wisdom, and loving God. We must not give up even if the world is folding your destiny like a scroll of the ancient kings library. Concrete is a hindrance to achive your goals and glow but every failure is one step ahead to success.

When you failed you have conquered that failure because that same mistake is taken note of and won't repeat itself but a shift to the goal of your vision. We achieve our goals when we conquered fear of failing and embraced determination to successed all things through pains and win at long last.

If flowers can grow from concrete then we humans can overcome obatscles in our love affairs, business, studies and all we find doing.

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