Tomorrow is my birthday and I'm going to a rave to celebrate

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I will be turning 29!

It's that time of the year again. We have reached the world-famous date of October 9th, the day that @daltono was born. The year 1992 was one of the greatest times ever, due mainly to the fact that this guy here was born.

All jokes aside, I'm not really a huge celebrator of birthdays. I used to get excited for them when I was younger, but I'm pretty sure that was mostly due to the gifts and attention. Now that I am an adult, I can do without both of those things just fine. In fact, it's terribly hard for me to accept gifts because I am thankfully able to provide everything that I need myself. I know many others have more fanciful ideas of a birthday, so I have found a way to still get excited about it. I am excited to live every single day, so on my birthday I just think about that day like every other day.


Of course, I had to get a fresh haircut from my barber today. I wanted to make sure I was looking my best for my birthday weekend. As you can see, my dude Mike cleaned me up nicely as usual. He's always so quick. This haircut and beard trim took only 15 minutes.

This year I am going to be experiencing the last year of my 20s. 29 years is a very long time to be in the same body. I'm beyond grateful that I have been able to remain healthy and happy this long. Most recently I can attribute both of those things to getting back into the gym. I also have my wonderful girlfriend @flowerbaby, my parents, and my only brother to bring me loads of joy. Not to mention all of the amazing people I have met and continue to communicate with through Hive.


To celebrate my birthday tomorrow, @flowerbaby and I will be driving to Columbus, OH to go to another rave. This time we are headed to Bluestone, which is a 120-year-old church turned into a venue. The acoustics in this place are amazing and the cathedral ceilings and stained glass make for quite the ambiance. I have only been to this venue one other time solo, and I'm hyped to introduce @flowerbaby to yet another cool place.

We are going to see Ghostrydr, which is a limited-time DJ duo consisting of Ghastly and Joyryde. Each of these artists has its own catalog of amazing tracks. I am more familiar with Ghastly and some of my personal favorite songs of his are "OG" and "Heretic". I recently have developed a fondness for Joyryde's tracks as well. One particular favorite song of his would-be "Fail Me". Both of these dudes have an awesome sound and a cool image/personality. When you combine the two together, there is sure to be an amazing set to witness. There will of course be several other acts, mostly local talents. The show starts at 9 PM.

Here is the full setlist:
9-945 Mo_k
945-1030 Sun Woo
10:30-11:30 Kowalczyk
11:30-12:30 Fear & Lowe x GVNR x Jimmy Jent
12:30 Ghastly x Joyryde

Going to EDM shows is one of my favorite activities by far. I love dancing so much and this is the perfect place to do it. I noticed the last couple of shows/festivals that we went to, I was a bit out of shape compared to a few years back. I'm hoping that my recent fitness activity will provide me with the endurance to go all night long. I refuse to miss the best set at the end.

Speaking of my birthday, I figured I would conclude this blog with some photos of some of my previous birthdays. I'll leave a caption for each one saying which year it was. I have been blessed to have memorable birthdays all throughout my life. I have an awesome family and get to do many cool things. I'm so happy that I am not stuck working my birthday this year. I actually have a 4-day weekend to kick back and enjoy myself. I'll be sure to let you know how it all goes. For now, enjoy these old pictures.

2020 - 28 years old

2019 - 27 years old

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2018 - 26 years old

2016 - 24 years old

2014 - 22 years old

2013 - 21 years old

2010 - 18 years old

2009 - 17 years old

2008 - 16 years old


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