Bitboy former? crypto scammer trying to become the peoples champion, stalking SBF

Bitboy former? crypto scammer trying to become the peoples champion, stalking SBF

In the wake of the FTX crash, there have been many things revealed. One of them is that there appears to be no end in sight as to all the scams and crap that went on behind the curtains at FTX. From the ashes emerges the new people's champion Bitboy, ready to get answers when no one else is looking.

Who is Bitboy?

He is a youtuber and influencer that have been getting rich from pushing scams down the throats of his followers. Something he has been doing for a long time. And when called out he tries to scare the smaller people with frivolous lawsuits.

Bitboy vs. Atozy aka the Youtuber fight

Something I covered back when it happened as well. In short, what happened was Bitboy tried to bully Atozy who had criticized him in a video to take back all the true things Atozi said about Bitboy. But Atozy did not take it lying down and instead decided to fight back. And then Bitboy did what most bullies do, backed down.

Now that you're all caught up on who Bitboy is let us take a look at the new Bitboy 2.0, the people's champion.

Bitboy in the Bahamas

Bitboy has taken it upon himself to go to the Bahamas to confront Sam Bankman-Fried personally to get answers for the people.

Bitbiy have turned into the new Mulder from X-Files
Bitboy have turned into the new Mulder from X-Files

I have no idea what people are expecting the Bahamas to be, some sort of lawless wasteland? It is a tax haven, a place where the rich goes to stop the rest of society to be able to leach and motch of all the money they for the most part inherited. If Bitboy were doing something really stupid I assume at the most he would get arrested or escorted away by security. Something that in fact already has happened.

Stalking muctch?

To me tho it is more looking like Bitboy is stalking SBF. Something I assume is illegal even in the Bahamas. That or he just saw the opportunity to get a nice Bahamas vacation tax deductible. Along with trying to rebrand or change the perception about him. Going from The Scammer of People to the Savior of People. Hopefully tho this is not something that people will buy.

But then again if you have a deranged man shouting the same thing over and over apparently they will elect you president. So who knows? Maybe Bitboy truly will become the people's champion, a fighter for justice and truth everywhere. A good start tho would be trying to reimburse all the people he tricked to put money into scamms. Just saying.

And if you were doubting Bitboys commitment to his rebranding. The evidence of his wrongdoing is disappearing right before our eyes. He has been deleting tweets, and making videos private where he promoted the scam project. So soon he probably hopes he will be able to change the perception surrounding him from scammer pusher into a deranged savior.

As there is greenwashing, whitewashing I think it is time we add a new one to the list, pewashing or perception washing.

What are your thoughts on this whole Bitboy in Bahamas thing? Is it just a pewashing attempt, or just a tax write or what is it? Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below. If you would like to support me and the content I make, please consider following me, reading my other posts, or why not do both instead.

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