Announcing my presidential candidacy — and present campaign — despite the likely unpopularity of its approach


Announcing my presidential candidacy
— and present campaign —
despite the likely unpopularity of its approach

My Dear DCitizens and Internet Onlookers,

For some time now I have sat on the sidelines and observed the revolving door of presidential regimes pass through the sacred halls of our executive branch. As the largest individual holder of SIM tokens, I have a heavily vested interest in the success of our glorious nation-state. In many elections, I have opted to cede my voting strength in order to allow smaller holders to influence the direction of our further progression through the NFT gaming cryptoverse.

While I am not one given to strong-arm tactics, I cannot help but notice our noble country has been at war exceedingly much as of late. We have become the allies of the sword, the gun and the bombard! This is unacceptable, and I am committed to ending our unholy alliance to violence and mayhem, whatever the fiscal consequences may be.

I propose to give our citizens some much needed respite from this exhausting onslaught of death and destruction, to give them some quiet time to reflect upon their misdeeds and their misguided trust in unhinged leaders past. Yet do not fear — I shall not take from them the fire they so dearly love: I shall simply redirect this love of pyrotechnics. I shall establish a city for the further scarcification of our precious First Edition cards — meet @burncity.

I shall not ask a single penny of SIM in return for my efforts. 100% of my presidential salary shall be used to purchase various cards at market and send them to @burncity, where they will be destroyed in the cleansing fire of digital dissolution. I know, I know — so many of you love the exciting chaos of constant war. I myself, to my great shame, have profited greatly from this depraved industry in times past.

Here I am! To right these wrongs... to support our slowly recovering SIM valuation through the checking of insidious inflation, to make amends for my mistaken minimum tax policy so long ago. Yes, yes, it was quite popular, and I am painfully aware that my current campaign is likely to make me an iconoclast and a misfit in the eyes of the populace. So be it! There are more valuable commodities than an untarnished reputation.

For honor! For glory! For DCity.

Solemnly yours,
Presidential Candidate @d-pend.

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Writing and images by @d-pend
created for the Proof of Brain Community
on HIVE on September 16, 2021.
Images created by processing
public domain images and official @dcity
art using Deep Dream Generator.


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