Renewable Projects (Charity)

So I have begun to gather information about cost if installing something like a Sustainable & Renewable Solar + Battery packs around the world for houses, so I can get a better understanding of what is needed.


I talked to @starstrings01 about making a house fully equipped with Solar Panels + A Battery storage in Nigeria and he said it would properly cost around $2000 usd..
I guess this will 100% depend on the size of the house, the amount of people living there and the amount of eletronics they have each / use each.

If we take it a step future, imagining have a space/cafe which is 100% solar or wind powered with batteries packs, so people can come and work on posts for Hive and network, that would be such an amazing space to have :D


I also talked with @dlmmqb about the same thing but in Pakistan and the price would be around $500 usd for solar, not sure about the battery pack.
It ofcause depends on the same criterias as in Nigeria.

He also shared with me that he would love to buy a Rental Shop for a better sustainable income and like an investment in his future which would hopefully get him to financially freedom faster than :D

It comes in at a pricetag of $32k usd for the rentals, which seems like a lot, but it should be doable for him :D

I think I am slowly but surely converting this account into a more Charity focused account for projects of these sorts.
I don't need the money from Hive neither can I take it out without paying insane amount of taxes, so if it can make other people more happy or help people create a more sustainable way of living or just hit basic needs, that would be amazing!


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