Bitcoin is close to breaking out of the 30k area

When you find your notification bar is full and when you find the news everywhere you open Coinmarkecap to find the market is decorated in green what a great joy.

After lean days and long weeks of revolving around the price of 33,000, specifically Bitcoin, it is liberated and goes higher, to currently reach 38,000 dollars and is close to returning to above 40 thousand.

Certainly, this is not the only good news, as the rest of the currencies quickly rose as well, and this gives us the impression that this is not a temporary rapid rise, as the rise of Bitcoin by up to 13% and the Altcoins began to rise as well, to reach an average rise of about 10%.

In a quick look at the Altcoins, we find the prices as follows:

  • Ethereum 2350$
  • Binance $320
  • Cardano 1.35$35
  • Dogecoin 0.22$
  • Ripple 0.65$

With this rise, the Marketcap returns to a trillion and a half trillion, and we hope that currencies and Bitcoin will continue to rise to break the 40k barrier, as we need stability above this level in order to ensure the stability of the price for as long as possible.


But what caused this rise?

You may have believed that the price of 30 thousand is the value of Bitcoin that people think, and the price has been stable around that point, supported by the selling on the rise and the buying on the downside.

But what we thought was wrong, as Bitcoin proved to us that the huge rise that it witnessed this year, starting from 10 thousand to 60 thousand, is only the beginning and that the scarcity of Bitcoin will make the levels of 100k that seemed to be real.

But as I always say that the market is volatile, the reason for this rise is most likely a small rumor or an unconfirmed news yet about Amazon began accepting and integrating Bitcoin payments, which prompted the holders of Bitcoin to keep it while the owners of the USDT turned towards the platforms to buy.

If this news is true, Bitcoin will continue to rise significantly and we will witness a new bull wave.

And you, what do you think ?

Thank You


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