Alone in a crowded place . POB-WOTW, 18th editing.

You would ask that how can a man be alone in a crowded place, would there not be distractions, communications, or disturbance, would there not be social relationships between him and people around?.


Being alone in a rowdy place will best explain a situation whereby everyone around do not tend to understand, agree or see things the way you see them, a situation where people keep selling a whole lot of ideas and opinions which is not inline with your personal plans. All these ideas combines to form a whole lot of noise, that at the end all you could hear is your own inner voice and nothing else. Just like in the market place where a lot of strangers makes a whole lot of noise and conversations that has no relevance to once presence.

Let me paint a picture to further explain what I have said, this is actually happening to a close friend of mine named Emmanuel. From the name you would agree that Emmanuel’s parents are Christians. Not just Christians, they are well and highly reputable once. His father is a medical doctor and wants his son’s career to fall in-line with his, Emmanuel’s mother works in the bank.

While growing up, Emmanuel started to have passion for raps and pop musics. He would write lyrics at his leisure time and sometimes raps to his colleagues in school, he was good with the raps and always had good lyrics. As soon as his parents found out, they did every possible thing to stop him, but it all went in vain. Emmanuel decided to to follow up his music career but definitely without his parent’s supports. His father would allow him in any professional career if not in the medical line but would never approve him in the music industry, he has the belief that musicians lives wayward life’s and it would be a stain to the reputation of the family.

He would take Emmanuel to church for canceling, he would also call his grandparents, uncles, aunts and even cousins to advise him. A day wouldn’t pass without someone talking to Emmanuel against the path at which he has chosen to follow, but all these appeared to him as a silent noise. He had friends and families all around him but with the feelings of being left alone in his musical career.


This story explains how one could be left alone in the midst of families, friend and the world around them. Being solitude might not necessarily mean being far from human resistance, far in the woods or in a lonely desert. One might be disconnected in thoughts or via the way he views things, the path he chooses to follow or lack of proper and yielding communication.


Emmanuel presently has difficulties in pursuing his musical career even though he his good at rapping and making good lyrical musics. The support factor he lacks is keeping him from moving forward, he presently feels he is at the middle of an ocean with no live jacket or boats to support him. I hope he finds a way to reconnect and balance things up.

Thanks for reading my contest on the #wotw, #Solitude.

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