Turning all tokens to POB !


My main account is @clixmoney and I don't want to create from this account so often because it's mostly created for proof of brain tribe and exactly to curate content with the power I have. I don't sell POB at all, so I use everything to power up the account. The same about hive earned here.

But sometimes I see myself earning other tokens. Even if I don't use their tags or platforms. It seems that's possible to earn those even if you curated them without having any power. Maybe that's done to promote the tokens. For example, I see in my wallet in hive-engine : cent, ctp, neoxian, bht, archon and foodie. But I never bought them or owned them on this account.


So, since those tokens are given to me just because I'm curating them sometimes even without having any power and not even willing to grow this account there, I'll just sell them and buy more POB. My goal is to grow faster in proof of brain token because I see my growth not that fast. 1650 pob in more than 4 months is not a lot. Also, I noticed that I earned in 10 day, only 27 POB from curation. Some maybe earn that only from one single upvote. So, I'm too far from that, even using most of my earnings to power up my both accounts.

As well, I'll use on this account leofinance tag because it's strategy of investing what I earn from my content. Maybe this will be useful to someone, and those who want to grow in a particular tribe will do the same.


I don't know if this is right or not in terms of ethics. But I don't think I'm harming someone by trying to grow in one tribe mostly while I grow in all of them from my main account !

Powering up gives us some influence that may help us build the community and improve it.

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