Let me move somewhere !


I created this account especially for proofofbrain tribe. It's better to earn curation rewards this way, because sometimes I don't upvote #proofofbrain from my main account @clixmoney. It's mostly to be active in hive.


I know that most of you don't care that much about seeing their reputation 25, but for me, it's a bit special, because I worked so hard to build my reputation in hive, and it's now almost 77. Looks like a good number, and I'll try to reach it soon.

I'm not planing to create a lot of content from @clixy, I like to keep @clixmoney the most active one. I like to build that account on hive. This one will be just for curating on proofofbrain and when I upvote someone, I'll try to comment at the same time. I think it's better to do, to prove we consumed the content. We may call that the proof of curation, and that should be another proof in my collections of proofs I wrote about here : How many proofs are there on the blockchain ?, and here Proof of Trust.


So, I hope this account will at least move to 40 or 50 reputation, what will look better. Because 25 looks really so little. Maybe I'll get there only by commenting, I don't know. I noticed most of those who I comment on proofofbrain upvote comments, and that's great for a new account. It's always interesting how people act when they see a low reputation of someone. I liked how @topbooster invited me to POB. lol

He wrote this after I commented his post : ''Staking 550 POBs, next 1000 POBs'' :

I am inviting you to join to POB tribe.

I told him about my main account, of course.


As promised, I'm supporting the initiative of #dcc to promote others, in every post I write, even from this one. For more details, check this : Collaborative curation. It's an initiative by @dcooperation community to improve curation on the blockchain. To motivate everyone to promote others while creating content. That will be good for good content to be promoted, and for curators to find the best content.

That's it about this post. As always I'll create this on proofofbrain.io to support the project, so 10% of this post are going to @pob-fund I guess.


I'm glad I found a solution to not miss curation rewards in POB and to grow on the tribe faster !

I understand now why so many here are creating an account for each tribe. I don't think I'll have time to do that as well. That's why I created only for POB.

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