Proof of Brain proposal with Proof of Stake vote !


I joined proof of stake tribe about three months ago. I was excited about it because I liked the concept when I discovered it the first time in my life in 2017 when I joined steem. They mostly moved to proof of stake and the proof of brain was almost forgotten but still applied from so many authors and curators. Even when we moved to hive the concept kept being important and many supported it all the time and sometimes even big stakeholders talked about it. So, even without the proof of brain tribe, the concept is applied in many communities on hive blockchain. I remember when leofinance changed their curation system and most stakeholders there moved to manual curation, and that's mostly proof of brain as well.

But proof of brain is a specialized tribe in that. It should be the example of true proof of brain. That's why when I joined, I didn't power up for more than a month. I thought my power should be shown through my brain, through my ideas and thoughts, through the information I share. I thought I don't have to prove I have a stake in a proof of brain tribe. But I was mistaken. Most people on POB saw powering up very important. They even explained to me here, why is that : Give me a reason to power up POB !. So, I thought if the majority consider the proof of stake that important in proof of brain, so why do not start powering up and build my account. And I'm still doing so now. So, it's not only about proof of brain. The stake is also important here. So, maybe it's impossible to have a tribe with full proof of brain concept !

Anyway, I like to see a clear picture of all this. I didn't participate in the proposal, not only because it has a lot of rules and stakeholders maybe muted. But I didn't participate in this proposal because why the vote sould consider the stake in a poof of brain tribe ? Can someone explain to me now why I should participate ?

The same about this proposal or any other existing one on proof of brain. Maybe I should create a proposal where, not the stake that should be counted, but the number of brains who voted on that should matter !


I didn't mean to offend anyone. I'm just sharing my real thoughts, and I'm trying to be honest here !

I wish the vote considers the majority of people and what they choose. Otherwise, it's a pure proof of stake !

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