Let the Spectrum be in POB !


I was tagged recently by @trostparadox in the following post : As we continue this ‘experiment’. So, I decided to respond in the form of a post.


Firstly, when talking about the governance in the following post : ''Proof of Brain proposal with Proof of Stake vote !''. I meant that we can't get rid of proof of stake in proof of brain tribe. Because we have accounts holding stake, and the more stake someone has, the more influence he/she gets.

However, if it's possible to reconfigure the tribe, why to not remove the influence of the stake at all ? For example, POB members may have power depending on IQ they have, or if some people don't count on that, we may have a test where people earn points depending on how they think. I can't explain that well, but I mean that the tribe can count on another voting system, not related to the owned tokens. That will be pure proof of brain. And I don't think that will ever happen, because we are all here to earn those tokens. The monetary aspect can't allow the tribe to be completely proof of brain !


Talking about @onealfa 's opinion about not supporting anti-downvote proposal, I would say that people here could also vote yes to get the support of POB whales, but not because they really want to support yes. How many times I saw during four years being on the blockchain, people agree with what a whale say even if they talked otherwise before. We all understand why this is happening. lol

So, the stake may affect not only those who say no because a whale said that they will lose support, the stake may affect even those who are here only for money, and they will just say yes to get other whales support ! That's why I didn't vote at all. If the proposal is related to proof of brain, it shouldn't be counting on proof of stake. It's just like telling everyone that PoS is bad, but I'll use it when I need. I prefer to not see people using a thing they don't like. For example, when we have a meeting against the government in Russia, they say that's not allowed because we have a virus, but when the government need to create a big event, they just do it and no virus can stop them or anything else.


So, I like proof of brain tribe and I would like to see it working, just like it's working now. It's great that we have in the POB Word of the Week the word Spectrum ! Just like I see hive a collection of proofs, I see POB a collection of proofs as well.

I see another solution for POB that will not happen. It's not a solution, but a kind of option for those who are against proof of stake and downvotes. What if the tribe will be reconfigured the following way :

  • All the posts of POB could be only on POB, without being on hive.
  • Or to have the option for them to not post in Hive, just like @dtube is doing !

On d.tube authors can choose, or to post only on dtube chain, or dtube/steem, or dtube/hive or all of them !

I think that will remove the conflict and the best solution for those who don't want to get downvoted in hive, or who consider that POB is pure proof of brain.


I gave you solutions based on my experience. Now it's up to you to keep this discussion on, or start to make the change you see it better for you !

After all, I'm just a content creator, a community builder and a little stakeholder in the game.

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