Standing With Ukraine


I live in Alberta, Canada. What might not seem obvious is that I take this war in the Ukraine very personally. We should take all threats to freedom and democracy personally, but my province has the largest Ukrainian population outside the Ukraine. My own family is not Ukrainian, but how often, growing up, have I gone to a friend's home and been served delicious, traditional Ukrainian meals -- cabbage rolls, pieroghies, and so much more yummy food! I realize culture is about more than food, but, honestly, Ukrainians really know how to cook! If you are lucky enough to get invited to Ukrainian Christmas dinner, you would be a fool to say no.

We have a Ukrainian Cultural village, the world's biggest traditional Ukrainian Easter Egg, and I suppose what I am saying is that our local culture is so intertwined with Ukrainian culture that I don't think about it. However, it does make it feel so much more personal.

We Stand With You, Ukraine

I see the Hiveans in the Ukraine who are terrified, and I want you to know that the world is with you. We do not believe the lies and propaganda of Russian social media trolls. (I know that many ordinary, brave Russians have protested, but have been jailed, harmed, silenced... we hear you too.)

These are terrifying times. I wish the governmentsof the world would do more. The Ukrainian President Zelensky has shown himself to be so strong and brave. This is how the world sees him compared to Putin.

Putin Invaded Freedom

When Putin invaded the Ukraine, he invaded freedom. He invaded democracy. He wants to take advantage of a world in pandemic chaos to feed his agenda of a return to the "glory days" when he was a KGB officer, the Soviet era. The war is being fought in the Ukraine, but it is for all of us.

Those of us who remember the Cold War don't want to go back to the USSR. Except Putin.

We stand with you, Ukraine. When you fight, you fight for all of us. We are your brothers and sisters, not there with you in person, but standing behind you in spirit by the billion.

Ukraine, Stay Brave and Strong. We Support You. The World is Watching and Holding our Breath for You.

Ukraine, your people are brave and strong. This is a terrible test, but you will fight, and, tragically, we will lose some of you, but know this: you will win.

I will end for today with two quotes by Sir Winston Churchill:

Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile – hoping it will eat him last.

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