POB Word of the Week : Outrageous #009

It's everyone's favourite day of the week again.

I hope that the brains aren't too overworked after reading through the posts from this past week. There has been a lot of sophisticated, high-quality content to digest. There were 60 valid entries overall and we've somewhat secured our tag position on the front end at #5. Big tasty.

Some changes to the WOTW structure to come in the following week, but before we get into that, let's see the winners...

First Place: @nonsowrites (300 POB)


Second Place: @wiseagent (200 POB)

Me, Myself & I: The dangers of being an egomaniac human being.

Third Place: @charcoalbuffet (150 POB)

Money, Big Egos And Big Responsibilities

Fourth Place: @hranhuk (100 POB)

The Universe of EGO in POB

Fifth Place: @trucklife-family (50 POB)

Driven By EGO


Merit System Results

@scholaris : blue / @fireguardian : yellow / @calumam : green / @penderis : undecided

We've been strict on the rules, entries after 00:00 UTC are not graded/entered

Balance Adjustment & Contest Changes

  • There are no updates to the balance adjustments again this week. It has been another busy one for me and I haven't had much time to reassess the system (no promises, but fingers crossed there will be some changes next Sunday).

  • I'm hoping to get the engagement system up and rolling in the next couple of weeks. I'd like to set up some mild forms of automation to make the process slightly easier. Until this is set up, I'll be rewarding the top "engagers" of the week with delegations (I'll be looking closely this week).

  • "Tag abuse" has been added. If you misuse the tag during the week (post not relevant to the word), you'll receive a point in the tag abuse section of the grading system. If you accumulate 1 point you are DQ from the current week, 2 points you are DQ for 2 weeks, 3 points you are DQ for a month.

  • I'm going to work on publicising the spreadsheet so that people can follow along in real-time and see feedback while the week goes on. I think this will be more interactive and exciting, although it needs some thought and the system still has a long way to go before it's "solid".

Feedback from anyone and everyone is always welcomed.


Delegation Station

Each week winners will receive a POB delegation that will remain on their accounts (more or less) indefinitely.

Accounts that use the delegations in a productive way and assist with the growth of the platform will have the delegation converted into a solid POB stake (details still to be confirmed).

I'm still developing a system to monitor and assess how the delegation is used so I can know if and when they should be removed (abuse etc).

@charcoalbuffetEngagement2501st July 2021
@hranhukEngagement2501st July 2021
@clicmasterEngagement2501st July 2021
@edystringzEngagement5001st July 2021


We have a new word each week that members of the community can share their thoughts about in a post.

Any form of content is encouraged, whether short or long-form writing, poetic, artistic, music or voice, or any other method you can develop.

The guidelines for entry to the contest are as follows;

  1. The post must be made on the proofofbrain.io front-end
  2. The post must have the pob-wotw tag added to it
  3. Engagement is heavily encouraged
  4. Entries must be posted before 00:00 UTC on 13/06/21
  5. Posts must clearly demonstrate what the weekly word is
  6. Posts shared for the following week will be disqualified if published before winners are called for the current week
  7. Abusing the #pob-wotw tag will result in disqualification


The word for this week is Outrageous

The word for next week is Exotic

The prizes are the following and will be given in delegation form;

1st place - 300 POB
2nd place - 200 POB
3rd place - 150 POB
4th place - 100 POB
5th place - 50 POB

Prizes may vary over time dependant on support and curation rewards. Entries and comments in pob-wotw will receive upvotes based on authenticity and sincerity.


We've had some more changes to the WOTW team this week. I've reached out to @penderis and @fireguardian to help with the grading so I can direct my focus on other tasks I've got in the works.

@penderis and I ran a community called @buddyup a few years back on Steemit, where we had a contest/show called Drop in the Ocean (DITO). It was a similar premise to WOTW, but we had the voice show weekly to go through the posts and then the contestants voted on each other (we decided to not judge peoples content at the time).

I've got to know @fireguardian over the past couple of months and trust his judgement and eye for quality. He has a busy schedule, but grading the posts within a flexible time period will help lift more pressure off us overall.

I'm sending POB to @scholaris, @penderis (if he decides to help out), and @fireguardian for their efforts when grading and adding more value to the contest. I'll gauge this from the colour coded input on the spreadsheet and from additional work done.

@scholaris : 200 POB - Completed Grading Bases (this will be shared in a post sometime this week), Heavily graded posts, added and working on automation to make the process easier

@fireguardian : 20 POB - Started late this week, some grading and discussed schedules etc.

@penderis : Still awaiting confirmation about their involvement


Best of luck for the week ahead, don't forget to enjoy yourself. I'll see you in comments this week (I've said this for the past two weeks and I haven't bothered my arse, I'm full of shit but I'll try my best).

Shout out to @amr008 who provides monthly POB data analysis, POB staking details, and not to forget, the incredible Engagement Project

Shout out to @interpretation who provides detailed statistical analysis on a wide range of POB activities (important account to follow in the POB community)

Shout out to @harpreetjanda who provides detailed statistics of the POB members every week

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