A little green for a Thursday color challenge in POBPHOTO.

Green is such a soothing color and can have so many different meanings. A stop light turns green and means go, we always want to see green in the financial markets and we may even become green with envy once in awhile.

Thanks for letting me know all the colors of the rainbow or more specifically the color challenge colors.

In case you don't know like me here they are, thanks @offgridlife, I'd figure I would add them too.

Monday = Red
Tuesday = Orange
Wednesday = Yellow
Thursday = Green
Friday = Blue
Saturday = Indigo
Sunday = Violet

So what's my green posting for Thursday? This mossy rock of course.


You could pet this little one and it might become your pet, sorta like a pet rock. So smooth and furry, reminds me of a carpet. The entire rock was covered in moss and so very green.

As a random coincidence this also goes nicely with my review of The Green Knight (2021). Lots of green today for some reason.

#pobphoto by @offgridlife

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