Living In The Dark : A Freewrite

Deep in the dead of the night,
The darkness descends like a blight,
Witches and vampires take flight,
The undead roam with an eerie sight.

The bloody exchange of mutated souls,
The damned beings, with no redemption goal,
A haunting chorus that never grows old,
The night is theirs, as they unfold.

Their existence a mystery untold,
But their power is ever so bold,
Their thirst for blood,
never grows cold,
In the deep of the night,
they hold.

Some seek redemption,
to undo their wrong,
But the curse of their being,
is too strong,
Their fate forever,
forever to be long,
In the deep of the night,
they belong.

So beware, as you wander alone,
In the deep of the night,
all on your own,
For the creatures of darkness, roam,
In search of blood,
and souls to call home.

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