The Dark Beauty | My Entry POB Photo Contest


My Imagination about Circle Photography
It's my 3rd time participating in this contest the contest theme is pretty much interesting to imagine about circle to do photography I love this concept the contest is organized by the owner @friendlymoose if you reading this post and you are a photographer then click on this link to participate in this contest

When I know about the contest theme about the circle I remembered that the sun and moon shape is circle and I have so many beautiful photographs of the full moon and it's a nice time to show them with you and I know you will deeply love my photographs of the moon


It's very Rear to capture full moon photography so when the lunar phase occurs means when Earth is located between the Sun and the Moon then my intention was fully on to took nice photos of this beauty


It was really dark and I'm the only one there to see this dark beauty



These are my collection of moon photographs I hope you will love these thanks for reading my post

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