How to use your smartphone as a Webcam


I was watching a video by @the-bitcoin-dood where he was talking about cameras and it had me thinking about cameras for myself.

I am very dissatisfied with my laptop's webcam, so I was also considering buying a Webcam. However, I'm not in the position to spend anywhere between $150-200 on a webcam.

So I figured that with all the technological advancements happening in the world, there has to be a way to connect my phone camera to my laptop.

My hunch was correct and after doing a little search, I ran into this nifty tool that enables you to use your phone as a webcam.


  • Wifi Network
  • Android Phone
  • Windows PC/
  • Be sexy



  • Click start on your PC/laptop Droidcam app to use your phone as a webcam.

That's just about it really. Now you can just use your phone as a webcam. So Skype, Zoom and other Webcam stuff don't have be lame anymore because of your PC's shitty web cam.

Also, you don't have to spend that extra money on purchasing a webcam, especially if you're just more about recording your face and every day stuff.

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