Why can't we be satisfied?


I spent the whole of today finishing the pair of shoes I've been making for the last two days and by the time I finally finished I looked at it and was like "meh". Though my boss said it was nice, I just felt it could have been better. I went back to look at the similar shoe which I was using as a reference point, and all of a sudden the reference point wasn't as enchanting as it had looked when I had first laid my eyes on it.


This got me thinking, why is it that? The words of a friend of mine kept ringing in my mind. "Once you learn to do something, it no longer special to you, as a result it might not be fine to you, but to us that can't do it, it's still fine" is that true? Does something look less appealing when you do it. I've also been told before that food is usually sweeter when you're not the one who prepared it. And to a certain extent I agree with this (or maybe it's because I'm not a very good cook).


I decided to think a little deeper as to a possible reason why people are not satisfied when they do some things . It could be that they think they're not good enough (like I did with the cooking stuff),or it could also be that it's just not good enough. It could also be that we've set unrealistic standards for ourselves. Maybe after seeing someone else do the same thing. Even though we don't know how long it was before the person mastered it.

This inability to be satisfied as do most things, has advantages and disadvantages



The major disadvantage is it leaves us feeling like we've accomplished nothing(even when at times this is totally false). This feeling brings about an emptiness on the inside which often leads to depression.

Also, at times when it feels like you haven't achieved anything and you see the progress of others it can lead to envy and jealousy.



The major of advantage of not being satisfied is that it pushes you, and makes you want to improve. If you choose to be satisfied with the way you do something, there's a high chance you'll get complacent and not improve. You may even start to regress. It's just like here on hive, you can't tell me you'll write one post that makes it to trending page, and then you've made it. You have to keep progressing, and even after progressing, try to do better than before. Because believe it or not no matter how good you are there's always room for improvement. There's no such thing as perfection but we are all doing our best to get as close to it as possible.

What do you think of the term satisfaction?



Thank you for reading this post, your support and feedback is greatly appreciated.

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