What's your view on birthday celebration



Yesterday I turned a year older. In all honesty, I may have forgotten if not for the fact that my mum kept on calling the day before, asking to send her more pictures to add to the ones she's planning on posting.


photo by @k-banti.

Peep the shoe I made :)

The day started as it always does, we woke up very early to pray. After the prayer, everyone started singing happy birthday, and I just sat there staring and smiling (I mean, what am I supposed to do when they are singing happy birthday to me?). When it was my turn to sing, I forgot my age, lol (as young as I am). I gave the excuse of feeling sleepy.

The rest of the day was pretty ordinary to be honest, at least till in the evening. Kudos to @demilade2all for spending her entire day making sure my cake was done. I told her about my cake plans at about 10pm, a night to my birthday (pretty late, I know). And she was able to buy the materials and produce this beauty before evening.


photo by @demilade2all

A few other people came in and we all talked, drank wine, cut cake, prayed, birthday wishes and all that. I even received some monetary gifts. I really enjoyed myself,and I'm sure every one else did.


Ever since I was little I've always found it easier celebrating other people's birthdays than mine. The unnecessary attention, the "birthday boy" tag, calls from relatives you have never spoken to before, it's was always so nerve-wracking. The only part I enjoyed however, was the gifts and the Pampering (who doesn't want to receive gifts and be pampered). But as I'm growing older I'm starting to get comfortable with these family traditions. Like putting your pictures as their dp or the family group chat dp, everyone calling you to check up on you, saying special prayers for you, basically showing you that they actually care. Though this should be done on a regular basis, unfortunately everyone has a busy schedule, they end up forgetting to check up. Thankfully birthdays give them a reason to check up, and catch up on old times.

I received a call from a friend of mine, who I hadn't spoken to for like a year and a half now. We talked for quite sometime and caught up on the good old days. After the call, I asked myself why we hadn't called or messaged each other all this time. I guess it was simply because there was nothing to discuss. And as time flew by, we just got engaged with life activities, we forgot about each other. Birthday's act as a reminder, and a reason to check up on some-one. What do you think about birthday celebration? And also I'd love to hear what you do when people sing happy birthday to you (I need a solution to this before my next birthday. I'm tired of looking lost and smiling like a creep).



Thank you for reading this post, your support and feedback is greatly appreciated

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