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This year has been filled with so many fun and exciting moments for me here on hive. There's been barely ever any reason for me not to celebrate. Right from writing my intro post, to my very first upvote, to meeting new people and connecting with them, to my first withdrawal. Fast forward to a year later, I have like a handful of hive friends (at times it's hard to keep in touch with all of them at once, but I love them all), steadily building my hive power, 60 reputation.

Sure there's still a long way to go, but I've had an awesome first year, and I feel I've built a good foundation for growth.

Out of all the memorable moments, one that stands out was being selected as the lucky winner of the grand prize in @dreemsteem's draw for those who participated in the dreem destination challenge. The grand prize was either an all expense paid trip to California to see her and some other hivers for a week, along with 500 dreem tokens, or 2500 dreem tokens.

For one reason or the other I didn't see myself leaving the country (even though I really wanted to), so I chose the 2500 dreem tokens (besides they're mooning very soon, so get in. Not financial advice).

Winning the draw was very special for me. Firstly because it was my first time winning a lucky draw ever! I was so delighted because my chances were like one in thirty-something. It feels thrilling to win especially when the odds are so little. I also noticed that immediately after that, I've gone on to win about four or five giveaways and special prizes. Including one @psyberx giveaway where I won 10,000 lvl (if you're interested in learning about psyberx you can read about it here. I think it's a good project), one of @rentmoney's giveaway, a special prize in @stayoutoftherz's chess tournament, and so on. It's almost like it kickstarted my luck.

Winning the draw is something I doubt I will be forgetting anytime soon, Or atleast till the day I finally get to meet Dreemsteem.

This is my entry to @guiltyparties' challenge, name your 2021 hive highlight.



Thanks you for reading this post, your support and feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful day

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