Tea and expedition



Travelling gives you fantastic vibes just because you are inquisitive and crazy, to catch the destination. For me each time I am having a satchel on my shoulders I experience like a free bird who is enthusiastic to explore the unique wonders of the world. The image I have clicked belongs to the Karachi journey I had two months ago.



Although sure to covid constraints I haven't stopped in all the city in the way I was wishing for but no regret as it was the best family trip. Hotels and visits to the distal places are still conserved in the core of my mind. Why I have clicked it;
The thing I am holding is my first and foremost love why because

The Adventure begins with Tea”
– Unknown

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It's the fact that nice tea is enough to build up the energy level. Teasing available on the travel spots has a unique taste because it's especially for the drivers who have to ride the whole night without the snooze and dizziness, in their eyes.

Tea is life and life is tea😁

It's my phenomenon because when you will get heat or hardship you will show the actual talent you have just like the tea leaves which only show this color and fragrance they are being simmered in water. So in the journey of life, we all need enough, motivation in the form of complications to turn on energy mode.



Here is another snap I clicked during the same journey, this hotel is somewhere located in Hyderabad and I just cherish the hospitality that people have expressed (although we pay for the services but still their way of communication and dealing with customer ship is incredible). The atmosphere and nighttime I feel reenergize when I inhale the fragrance. People sitting on the couches and enjoying their dinner gave me a good vibe. Although I took my tea and came outside the hotel to visit new things. And my mom asked me not to buy any jewelry as she knows I can't resist myself. A short description is needed for the contest thereby restricting me. This is my entry to the contest #pobphotocontest

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