Stereotypes and relationship


You are thoughtful each day but it relies on whether you implement or broaden your thoughts or not. So here are the impressions I have concluded today,

Not each relationship is only familiarized to the specific side. If you have feelings do let the other know before receiving the horrible outcomes. In my society friendship is only meant for the single-gender but if you know the other fellows and are attracted to them. You will always be taken as the wrong person.


Many consider it unethical or curse the person for having the wrong intention. To be honest we can't survive without coordination. Sometimes the person who is motivating you is not of the same gender but at least his/her words are enough to assist you.
Commonly students learn in a better way from the lecturer who is not their gender. The element of fear, respect, and competition is being viewed along with them. All this helps them to grow in a better way.

No heading toward the scenario stereotypes except;
A girl and boy can never be friends, they will always have a romantic relationship.
I am evident of this fact, society makes you think wrongly. If they both are sitting together, tag them as girlfriend and boyfriend. Is this the single way to show negativity in your heart? I don't want to pull the religion in all this because I am afraid of that lengthy discussion that is unbeneficial.


Suppose if your eyes saw the straight thing then what would you do?? Will you kill them? Or will make them arrested lol no rule still operates for this.

The starting point I have pointed was regarding the explanation of your feelings. If you are expressive enough then applaud for your efforts but if you are considering the viewpoint of others at the same time bro salute for you then. You are truly a real friend who hasn't dispatched or humiliated the friendship in this way. Don't only reap for yourself instead support others in bringing about their life calmly and satisfied. Maybe later, I would be illustrating the situation from my own experience.


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