Special creation and evolution


The origin of life remained mysterious and suspicious for human beings. In the beginning, when there was no scientific argumentation, people speculated in the theory of special creation which centered on faith more than analysis.
Each religion still abides by this theory which explains the

creation of this universe was done by the supernatural powers that are God. In the bible, the duration of this creation took 6 days and in Islam, it is implied as 7 days.

Mainly the discussion between the living and nonliving organisms. Both can be taken as distinct ones because the similarity exists. Although it centered around faith but lacked scientific justifications. Who originated firstly, it was the human being or the other living organisms. The Bible and Quran indicated that Adam and Eve were formulated from clay. This means their creation was special.


  • Rejection;

No scientific reasons favored this belief. Origin of life took place from whom? Nonliving organisms can't be separated as they are also part of this universe. Now Aristotle and Plato came forward and designated the controversial theories. How can an animal be created by Sweat? Somehow the creation of a plant can be possible by the germination from seed. Experiments by Louis Pasteur figured out the reproduction of bacteria but how can a multicellular organism be formulated from a single cell? What sort of complexity would occur? How is the variation in structure and function possible?


  • Evolution;

Before the Darwin theories, some scientific theories emerged which attempted hard to answer the question about the origin. How are animals with so much diversity formulated? Why are their habitats and way of feeding distinct? Are they interrelated? Lamark explained the mechanism of acquiring character due to the environment. It becomes ambiguous as giraffes can't get the enlarged neck for browsing the taller tree only based on materialistic desire. Can everyone acquire the trait based on desire? It wasn't even accepted ethically. Alfred Russel somehow concluded this as a gradual process but final conclusive work was done by Charles Darwin. Animals can adapt traits for survival In the process of changing the environment. Now, these proposals came;
Survival is before reproduction

  • The better-fitted animal is benefited by the nature

  • Nature is ever-changing

  • To make better-fitted one has to meet the requirement

  • Changes are based on genes

  • Viable genes will be transferred to the forthcoming generation.

Now relate it with this;

Life started in the water, the ancestors moved from this domain to the terrestrial environment because of catastrophic events: lungfishes are evident of this fact
Amphibians are in transition between the water and terrestrial environment but they faced desiccation also for moving on the land, legs were needed.


Reptiles followed with dry skin and legs along with the hardness of the dermis to prevent desiccation. Also to avoid their eggs being snatched by the other land animals.
Did the reptiles start flying? Archeopteryx showed resemblance with reptiles but it started flying may be due to deficiency of food or catastrophic event caused a deterioration in their population that's why they adapted themselves for the flying lifestyle.


Now the question arises why did mammals evolve? The rise of mammals shows a close relationship with the birds and molecular genetics supports this evidence too. Convergent evolution defines how and why organs have the same function but differences in origin. Somewhere the ancestral lineage unites the animals. An evolutionary tree is an example.
Now life is in a complex form and homo sapiens are on the highest level of creation. But was the universe created specifically for the human being. Or just the survival and environment assisted the animals to change and modify them. Still many of a fellow like me face criticism when they need to explain these scientific theories by keeping the religious viewpoints aside. When and how life started is still a question for many. I know the theories but my mind wants more explanations.

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