Sluggish or robotic


You are viewing the notifications but aren't in the mood to respond to them. After the time when you have knocked that laziness, your given feedback would have the least value. Why because when it was expected you haven't delivered it in time. After a while when you will be alloying the laziness for making you ineffective, you may discover people stop asking you anything from your side because you are not qualified to be inquired of for anything. You would be cursing somebody as they become rude to you. But look into the mirror. Who forfeited the moral values and workout?


No one changes except your perception regarding the others. And in case they remake it's reasonable because the things that are not in action are dead.

Laziness for how long would be halting your way?
When I was a student(which I am still ๐Ÿ˜) I delayed each lecture and at the end of the day, I was making prayers Almighty save me next time I wouldn't execute this. Rather it was my talent or His blessings I got favorable marks in that semester. I didn't break the record but yes I broke that lazy version of myself. But why am I writing this today? My mom asked me to get up and provide some documents to my brother but I was not quitting my bed. I am at a loss for this laziness. Maybe next week that would be submitted or not. But yes my minor activity could be beneficial if I have performed it.


My mom says how much nap, food, rest, or reward you would get for this idleness. We do respond ok will be doing this after 2 minutes and they are infinite. The value of the thing at that time couldn't appear again. Who waited for you wouldn't be convenient anymore. No one would ever pause for you if you are not in time. If you know you can help someone, don't be lazy, get up and do it. If it's about your own life please be athletic to do it for yourself.

Also when someone asks for your guidance, help then maybe you are the last person whom they are asking for.

Ignoring the others is right for a short time but in the end, you have to survive. So the thing you are performing for others may be the same killer attitude would be for you at the time of necessity. You will have value as soon as you are effective. Your robotic version defines your talent.


At the start of my blogging journey, I was much lazy but then learned to show the active version of myself, but from the afterword, I am going to alter my sleep-wake cycle too hehe I don't want to lose more things. Just like others, I wouldn't credit COVID-19 for this instead I am accountable for this too. But still, I have everything in my hands hehe the Athletic version of myself is still enough to discriminate against me. So following thoughts I have gained from today's experience;

  • Conclusive thought;

  • Value the time firstly, everything will be yours if you will attach yourself with time.

  • Each thing loses value if it's not on time.

  • Inactivity can become horrible for your success if you are delaying each of your tasks.
    I preferred @peakd for publishing, this #thoughfuldailypost. As I only have enough knowledge and learning about this platform yet hehe๐Ÿ˜ Also do participate in this #dreemportchallenge here is the Contest link

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