74 years of Independence 🇵🇰❤


Today each heart that beats for Pakistan is celebrating Independence day. I am going to glance at a few aspects of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which show our struggle and prosperity.


  • Before the independence;

74 years ago when the blood of Muslims being shed and no one dared to speak up for their rights. Although they have started their war by giving sacrifices yet their boat was dangling in the storm Until Muhammad Ali Jinnah stood and guided them to the right destination.
74 years ago we gained only a few industries, enormous people lost their relatives, home and everything. Least amount of military forces.Shortage of food and medical equipment.


We started to work under the open sky. But the nation remained united through these circumstances. Managing the migrants was not an easy take yet each one participated to help and assist each other. Our leader donated his assets for the nation. He fell ill because during these struggling days he didn't pay attention to his health but at the time of death he had nothing in his hands. He gave everything he had and even Pakistan to us. The enemies enforced 3 wars on us and each time we succeeded.


  • After 74 years;

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has the No.1 military force. The atomic power.


Recommended place for tourism. Filled with natural beauty, the country of award winners indicated their talent in sports, literature, technology, science, medicine, and entertainment. Agricultural country, exporting the goods all over the world and famous for many aspects.

We are still developing but our prosperity is ultimate. We are a game-changer in Asia. No one can deny our struggle, sacrifice, and role for peace in this region. You can travel anytime to explore this country and you wouldn't face any restrictions all over the world


. No matter what the harsh conditions the world faces, Pakistani armed forces are there to assist, UN apprentices our efforts on each platform.

  • The time when the world was deteriorating ;

Last year when Covid wracked everything Pakistan also faced this devastating period but with precaution and patience. Medical staff stood fast to save the nation. When everyone lost their job and was depressed at home. Philanthropy to help them. And now we have successfully defeated that stuff. Almost everyone is vaccinated against this virus. Unlike other countries, our economy fell but wouldn't you believe it's rising now.

  • **Still, we are fighting against terrorism;
  • We are struggling for peace
  • We are providing shelter to migrants
  • We are supplying the best food
  • We are providing fresh minds
  • We are bringing the young talent**
    Here are the few images showing the beauty of Pakistan;





I don't have a shortage of words to make the world realize about my country but it doesn't need any further introduction about the achievements and success.
Lastly, I would love to make good wishes for the prosperity, protection, and success of my country Pakistan.
If you want to see the beauty of Balochistan here is my vlog;

Long live Pakistan.
Happy independence day to all

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