HivePUD - Happy New Year - Why I am powering up


Happy New Year everyone. Today is special not just because it is the first year of 2022 but also because it is another Hive Powerup Day. Hopefully, 2022 will be a much better year for everyone with the worst of the Covid rubbish finally moving behind us. Hopefully life we get back to normal and everything will improve in 2022.

They call me Awah - why?

I have been on Hive for just over 2 years now but I have never explained my name. It is a nickname that was given to me by a youth group where I volunteer as an adult leader. I always worked hard to inspire the young people and encourage them to make the most of the opportunities they had in life. The word Awah is made up but is a play on my previous nickname but is also the tree of life in the film Avatar. Their thoughts were that knowledge and inspiration in life come from me. A bit of a lofty claim! It was nice of them though. (In fact, the movie I think calls the tree Erwa but they didn't know that).

Why I am powering up today

Simple, I love the Hive platform and really love the community here. It is not about the money for me (although it is nice) it is about the community. Thanks to everyone in providing that.

I had some tokens left on that other platform that we all came from. I only really kept them as my lovely #actifit app was still posting there. However, I decided to power them down and buy #hive instead. So here I am today starting 2022 with a larger HP.

My power up

Before my power up I had 4224.773 HP.


After my power up I now have 4848.954 after powering up 624.181,


So there you go, this is my second time #HivePUD

Congrats to all powering up today!

Cover image is a modified version of a Pexels Image . The other images are my own.

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I am #AliveAndThriving

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