Seeking Happiness In Painful Case Scenario(Life Oriented Write)

Most of the people (around 90%) of the people living in this world are full of doubt whether they could see a new morning with full of laughter.Dont know, if this be same for me or not, but here is what, we have a lot to make out of the life we have to live in the days to come.

Now, what that is being missed along the way? Some people wants to live off grid and some other part of them wants to be chained with discipline, and other part of them wants to waste away their time in something which they would find meaningful to spend.But,ultimately, they dont get to reach at their set targets.

But,does it always matter to look after money all day in the life? Maybe, not because there are other things to do in life. I have personally seen so many people trying to get after money and only the material prosperity that they want all their life.At first being a 100k dollar wealth and then gradually gaining million dollar wealth and reaching to be a billionaire!! This looks apparently easy, right?

Yet,thats not the juicy scenario that you get to see from the top,from the explicit viewpoint.There are more of things that make their life, living like hell,decades after decades trying to be on the routine bound schedule,trying to achieve more profit out of business or fixed job that they have in their hand.
That follows a cycle and endless hours in the little office and looking for assets to grow.. Pretty cool it is,isnt it?

And there are added pressure coming from the family, why yo arent raising a family? Why are you just sitting hours after hours in the little office room and be busy in the business at hand? Dont you get to see, so many other works at hand that dont produce any monetary value? ...
These are the questions that keep falling 24×7 hours, every single day and every single month.

In one side, your parents chide you for this, and on the other hand, you have limited time to give to your spouse and children.That is the facts and problems that cannot be disregarded, yet one has to go through acquiring riches along the way.This is normal case but can we see other options available?

Not precisely. Because, there are other things to do in life.Making money just shouldn’t be a sole option to choose for.I remember, Bill Gats being rebuked by his mom, not trying to focus on the family issues and not raising his family.
And eventually, a decades long relationship came to an end, being divorced eventually and dropping half of the total assets he grew over 40 years of lifespan. So, whats the value of that much money,with which you could buy miles and miles of land areas and trade whole of the markets, each after another? Nothing really pays off, if the mental peace and soundness is missed.

There are a quite a lot of talks I can share with you, lots of stories I can tell, but I woud rather be limited, because there are one fact to describe and that is happiness.Yes,happiness ..
I am earning, near about thousand dollars from my job, but, I really like to spend most of the money, without having any eyes for future savings !!!

Does it look funny? Yet,how shockingly funny it might seem,but I am rather not much worried about my future.I just want to make sure, with little money in hand and with little woes in hand I am happy with my status. Though, I am not rich, but whatever I do for a living,that gives me enough satisfaction at the end of the day.

So, in the end, I just want to say that, just make sure, you are satisfied with yout work.No matter how small the job is, or the value people give it to yourself,dont pay any heed to that.Your work matters to you and the roads unfold before you,if it is endless possibilities coming on the way,then it is you who will taste this, not anybody else.

See you next time, with another blog,until that, stay safe, stay happy.

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