Meaning Of Life.

Life is a career, we all carry forward, right?

Yet so often I like to think about life from complete out of the box and part of what came from my own overactive imagination. I wanted to grow this attitude right from my early childhood and this habit has held many good sides in my whole lifespan.Its not a big matter, but I think whatever we do and think in these early years make our life a meaningful one.Imagination is something we all need to have when it comes to life.It works like a change agent in life, has the potential to transform life to many magnitudes, irrespective of whether we see it or not.


Now,the question I asked you initially has something more to think about it.Not just few words that specialises the whole concept but its about how we let our thoughts to grow in our life adding a little spice mixture of imagination.I wonder, what that is the ingredient that maks us change ourselves in many ways. Is that the way we think? Or the consistent thought wsves that channel the force to change ourselves,or the core values upon where we endeavour to shape ourselves, maybe a lot of other options you can add here, as you like, but the true search for meaning always remain the same,always.

Life Is Just The way you experiment it to it,feel it, build it,destroy it,manipulate it, offer it.

Springing from the fragrant corn field, or trying to relax there, letting go of harsh feeling and all the boredom of pile of works,it looks to me pretty necessary to ask ourselves being honest, how we look our life it is.Maybe thats not possible to find a singular definition of life as the concept of life is not straight enough to think and regarding the working affairs or subject with which we deal with,its reasonable and natural to get varieties of answers from different persons.The stakes of predictibility is often so high and the answers are also six -partum.

Ask this question to a poet, sir,how do you think of life it is,and he would give you one set of examples to compose a poem and that the suggestions are likely to come with the criteria to pay a visit to natural scene and learn the worldy beauties and aesthetics.To the poet, its all about writing poems and praising the universal existence for the precious, beautiful gift of nature to where his life is connected.Coz,a poet likes to offer his life to the beauties, nowhere else!!

No matter how small your life seems,acknowledge it.

Ask a politician, sir!how do you read life,he would give you one large lecture upon the national democratic crisis and voting rigged elections, 😀the definition of life is just serving people,of the people, for the people and by the people, and the only duty in life to him is to serve his people and land, and these two ingredients are holy gift to him.Looks pretty weird,hmm, but yet the answers likely to emerge in these aforesaid fashions.


Ask a Doctor,sir,what do you find great in life,he would say to you, look brother, the only devotion and greatness if there is something on Earth, then it is to be able to heal the wounds of sick people,to be able to fight all out against diseases and bringing enough care to the afflicted people, and thats the true meaning from a doctors angle of sense.As if there are no such things in life than what he serves to common people.I guess,he learnt something where I tried to bring up.

Ask a teacher, sir,what meaning you want to attach to life that you lead, he would give you one set of criteria for sure. Lets, predict this one, its now your duty to answer this question, let mr know about it in comment box section.Teacher's definition of life is more likely to come from academic point of view, I suppose in a normal way.

Think, think and think more and you will find the answer.

Now,coming down to the bottom line, I would like to cover my initial Idea back again,as I tagged the question about the definition of life or how you see it. But,like I said,your life is yours.And whatever meaning that you want to add there,your life depends on the career that you make,maybe its the truth, but I just wanted to tell you that, your life always revolve around the sole concept of your career, in the way of making it and sticking to the career or profession that you like makes life meaningful. It means, understanding your career meameans understanding your life..


Thanks For Reading.

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