POB Question Of The Week #2 🧠

Hello Brainies,

My mind is blown by how many of you participated in the very first POB Question Of The Week!
A whopping 44 people!

Question Of The Week.png

The rewards were 102.65864125 POB.

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 21.04.15.png

A very special mention goes to @calumam who has so kindly sponsored the QOTW with 50 POB every week. Such a good egg!

Screenshot 2021-06-09 at 21.55.09.png

So the total amount of POB to be divided among everyone who participated is :

102.65864125 + 50 = 152.65864125 POB!!!

I have sent the POB to everyone which came to 3.46951457 per person!

It was very time intensive to send POB to so many people so if anyone has any good ideas how I can make that go faster, hit me up!!!

If you received the POB and feel like you just participated for a good cause, I can highly recommend you donate it.
Donate it to your favourite author on here or your favourite project!

A little side note!
Two people commented twice so I just regarded that as one time each.
And secondly there was a spammer who had commented so I disqualified them too.

On another note, I totally thought that my portion of the rewards would power up but alas it didn't. (Silly silly me! But no bother! I of course am doing as promised as will share all of the rewards with you all!) I need to remember that POB works a bit differently than Hive.The QOTW of the week is for the community!


The second POB question of the week is :

What is your favourite food?


Answer in the comments!

Extra bonus points for sharing photos of food you made yourself or ate somewhere!


What Is POB Question Of The Week?

Every week on Wednesday I will pose a question which you can answer in the comments. The liquid rewards from the post will be evenly split and distributed to everyone who answers the question in the comments.
So you have until the payout of the post to reply!
Super fun right?

Payout will happen on Wednesay or Thursday of every week depending on how busy I am at the time!

A nice and easy way to get to know the members of our tribe don’t you think?

You only get a slice of the rewards by answering the question in a comment.
If you have a low reputation or have low ratings, you will not be entitled to the distribution of POB

Looking forward to seeing your responses in the comments!

Over and out,


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