Let's Tweet POB Posts On Twitter! 🧠

One of the first things I noticed when I start posting on POB is that there is barely any marketing outside of Hive about POB.
And that's such a shame!

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If we are to grow as a community (and hopefully as a standalone place), we need to find more ways to get people onto our platform and using it! Of course this process is going to be more organic and will take a while but taking small steps as a community can go a long way in the future.


It's inbuilt in my own system to post my POB posts to Twitter so I thought why not do it for other writers on POB too?

So I suggested it in the #suggestions channel on the POB Discord.


Thanks to @scholaris, @diebitch and @memeisfun for chipping on the idea!

And then the #pob-twitter channel was born! Thanks @fireguardian for creating it.

You'll find it under the Posts,posts,posts part in the server.


Good to see that @absolutfreedom started using twitter due to the channel being made.

I've already retweeted some tweets by @vempromundo and @wiseagent.
There haven't been many posts made yet but this is just the beginning!

So start sharing your POB posts on twitter and link them in the server!

Let's follow eachother, retweet and start interacting on Twitter too.
The more activity around POB, the better!


Over and out,



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