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Hello... I didn't want to do this, it's really hard for me to write these words, but sometimes we have to do what's best for ourselves. I really enjoyed all the time I spent here, all the good friends I made, all the awesome posts I read, but life has a funny way to show us what our priorities must be, and right I can't be here as much as I want. When I found out about this place, it was like a fire that ignited in my heart, I was thinking all the time about what to post, who to comment, where to look for inspiration. Yes, it was a blast to be here with all of you, but now, I have to say goodbye. What I most loved about this experience was...

... the scamming. HAHAHA, you idiots! I can't believe you bought all my bullshit stories! I have never juggled in my life! I have never been to Brazil! Those videos and pictures I posted? I paid some guy from to create them. All the heartfelt stories I told you? I got them from a magazine! My name is Frank. I live in Los Angeles San Francisco. I sell comics from my little store. The best thing in my day was berating children for their comic book choices, but then I found this place. What a bunch of fools! You ate it all up!

Finally, I can be myself again. You people disgust me! Who do you think you are?! Changing the world with your little words! Words have no power. MONEY is power and I will have ALL YOUR MONEY! Now that I have learned all I needed, my bot army will descend upon this place and drown you all in stolen and rewrapped stories! I will spam this place to hell and self vote every single post!

Do you think you can stop me? Do you think you can check my posts for plagiarism? You might! You might find one post. You might find two. But even if all of you band together checking every single post, there will always be another post and ANOTHER! You don't have the energy to keep up with my mighty robot army! I have you by the balls. You peasants! POB IS MINE!

I will take your money and I will take your motivation until you finally leave! There will be nothing left but me and my army of robots! We will keep posting until every single POB is mine! And then I will sell them for...


hugs and kisses
your @fireguardian

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