My week in crypto - Are we done dipping? [+ 255 $ (+24%)]

Strong recovery this week

Last week was pretty boring and sad. I know it was a tiny loss but considering I had earned a lot of POB it did feel like treading water. I use the word "feel" for a reason, because I was logically aware of that dips were inevitable and emotionaly prepared. Still it did FEEL bad. Mostly because I like keeping you guys up to date with my portfolio and it felt like I came to you with empty hands last week. This week was better. Every single position in my portfolio improved compared to last week, even though most haven't reached the alltimehigh of the week before last week. I'm not complaining. I overshot my monthly goal already! I was aiming for 1000$ by June 1st and 2000$ by July 1st. I might have to readjust my goals. For now I'm just very happy about the exponential growth of my portfolio.

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My best deal this week

I didn't really make any deals this week. POB has been part of the dip for most of the week, so I silently staked all my rewards. I just managed to get a little bit of swap.LTC on the engine, because I had some hive left on their.

Overall the best deal was probably grinding Gods Unchained and getting a second Echophone in a random pack. Having to of those cards, means I'll be able to mint them once the forge is reopened and sell them on the IMX-Marketplace. It's impossible to predict the prices, since corecards are inflationary in GU. But it's still a legendary card that was very popular back, when forging was possible. The Dollarvalue back then was about 100$, if I remember correctly. Anyway it will allow me to have some ETH on the IMX-Marketplace. So once forging is open, I will get to start trading there. At that point my NFT-collection will have actual dollar value and I will be able to brag about it in my weekly report!

My Portfolio:

Let's get to the meat and potatoes!:

517 BAN $13.2 (+$ 0.67)

ETH $21.28 (+$1.83)

16.649 ADA $28.91(+$3.64)

2.56 ENJ $5.03 (+$1.79)

11.97 OXT $5.73(+$1.22)

145 (+6) HIVE $73.92 (+$24.17)

22 LEO $8.28 (+$0.03)

0.00110314 BTC $45.6 (+$4.63)

0.0925689 LTC #29.09 (+$10)

1628 (+221) POB $1072(+$208)

Overall $1303 (+$255) +24%

Portfolio in $ over 9 weeks.png


What's the plan?

I'm just going to keep creating content and stacking up the POB. If I get a good opportunity to sell some POB for 0.90+$ , I will definitely take it to grow my collection of swap.tokens. I love the ability to basically buy Bitcoin, Litecoin and ETH without having to pay the fees. I just wish there was a bigger diversity. I would love some more ADA or any Polygon in my portfolio. Smartcontracts seem to be the biggest driver on the cryptomarket and I'm missing out on it, because it's just to much of a hassle to get my FIAT onto the cryptomarket.

Cliffnotes: Keep earning POB and making bank. 8)

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