My MONTH in Crypto - I made $1120 with POB this month!

These numbers are incredible!

I surpassed my goals by a lot. One month ago I was at $794. Now I'm at $1914! And I have only POB to thank for. I might have earned like 10$ on Bananos, but everything else is coming directly from POB and coins I bought with POB. I'm pretty much 90$ away from my goal for July! I wanted to reach $2000 by July!

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Much more importantly. I reached 2k POB today! That is pretty cool. The step from 1k to 2k took me exactly 24 days. Assuming the next thousand is going to be easier, I'm looking forward to it. I'm not going to make a special post for 2k like the Roast of POB I did at 1k. Mostly because I can't keep coming up with these so often.

My next goal is going to be 5k POB somewhere in July(probably late July). I already have something planned for that occasion. I'm just not sure if I'm going to make it funny or earnest. If I keep making fun of people, they might turn on me. :)

My best deal this week

I sold my swap.BTC when it was above the value of actual bitcoin and invested the earnings into swap.eth which was below market value at the time! That was probably a 2$ deal, but it felt pretty good. Especially since I only bought BTC because it was at a better value at the time. In the long term, I'm much more interested in ETH.

Biggest success!

As always I pretend that POB isn't my biggest success to make it more interesting. By taking advantage of the high price of POB this week (It temporarily went up to 10 hive, but I only got to sell some in the low 2s because I staked pretty much everything except for my curation earnings)
I have managed to increase my ETH to $113.

My Portfolio:

Let's get to the meat and potatoes!:

671 BAN $18.24

0.03984941 ETH $113

16.649 ADA $29.68

2.56 ENJ $4.19

11.97 OXT $4.96

160 HIVE $70

23 LEO $13.53

2010 POB $1636

Overall $1914.24 (+$1120) +141%

Weekly earnings: $611 (+46%)

Portfolio in $ over 10 weeks.png

My Confession

I did cheat a little. When I started writing the price of POB was at 1.7 hive, then I refreshed and the price fell to 1.6 . So I did buy some POB at 1.79 to push myself about that magical 1k $ monthly earning. I think is a more realistic price anyway, since I'm never selling POB below a price of 85 Cents.

What's next?

I'm going to keep my weekly report up. The first report of every month will be a monthly report, though. This way I keep tabs on my weekly progress, while the monthly report is just there to make me feel good. There might be a dip in a specific week. I already had one, but the monthly report allows me to look at longer terms.

Another plan I had to make this time is to consider how much POB I'm willing to sell when prices are good. Because this week we had a few days in a row, where prices were above 2 hive per POB and my usual strategy of selling pretty much everything, that I currently have in liquid POB, would have hurt my progress in staking POB. Staking is my top priority. Diversification might be the third or fourth after staying positive and make sure writing on POB stays enjoyable for me.

So I came up with a new diversification plan. I'm going to set a limit of 50$ per week. So even if prices are going to the moon, I'm not going to sell more than 50$ worth of POB. Those 50$ I'm going to invest in the hive engine. While my priority is still getting Swap.tokens for ETH,BTC and LTC, I will also start experimenting with investment tokens like UTOPIS and Miner Tokens like LEOM.
I know people on here are really convinced to invest inin CUBs, but I don't really see it. On the one hand I just don't understand DeFi well enough, on the other hand, there is something off with the way, people are pushing it. It almost feels like they're mostly trying to convince themselves. So I'm staying away from CUBs for now.

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