Joining the NFT Bandwagon - Upland - Free2Earn up to 227$


Finally the second part of my extremely beloved "Joining the NFT Bandwagon" series. Today I'm going to present to you: ! A horrible horrible game, that is providing value and definitely worth playing anyway.

Upland is the most boring game!

Seriously! There is basically nothing happening until you sell a property or save up enough UPX (Ingame currency) to buy another property.

The whole game is just a "Real Estate" Simulation. Meaning you just get one little avatar guy( your "explorer") to walk randomly through a virtual version of the US and whenever he's close to a property that is for sale or hasn't been minted yet, you can buy it. There are a few more ingame mechanics, but they're not worth diving into for this brief overview.

But it is also extemely low effort and makes decent profit.
All you have to do is flip properties.
As a beginner you are able to buy buildings cheapter than anybody else and can pretty much flip those properties for double the price, if not even more (no more than 2 sales per week, though) until you reach 100,000 UPX which is about 74$ right now!



This is how I figure out the value of my properties:

My current properties have a basevalue (The amount I minted it for) of 262,982 UPX.

Cheapest FIAT property:


Cheapest UPX: 4322


So 1000 UPX are worth 74 Cents, assuming that those two properties are of the same base value.
Which is probably true, because both properties provide rental income of about 52 UPX per month.

The strategy

Collect 10k to be able to sell. (You have to be an affiliate to start out with 6,5k UPX)
Start minting FSA building.
Start flipping FSA building for 3x the amount!
It really is that simple.


You can build on your property! They have another form of ingame currency called spark. It's extremely valuable and if yous take it on one of your properties, you get to build something on your property.
In the future you will be able to open businesses that get you more income depending on your visitors.
The Upland world is constantly growing. They keep opening up new cities to be minted and once a city is completely minted prices for properties in that city go up manyfold. I startet out in fresko, sold my properties there and moved to Brooklyn, then to Staten Island. Currently I'm minting a ton of properties in Chicago, while all other properties are almost completely sold out.



To sum this up. Upland is a boring game that gives you about 17% in APR if you do nothing besides collecting rent.
My personal recommended gameplan is to grind(mostly consisting of waiting) your way to 10k UPX [you get additional upx (20-40) if people visit your properties, so it would be smart to find a busy city] and then start flipping your cheap FSA properties for 2-3x the amount you paid for. All you have to do is visit the game once a week to put two properties on the market and once a week to spend the money you made selling it, on new FSA properties that can be flipped.

This game is no splinterlands, but it's basically free money, so I wouldn't miss out on it, if I were you.

Remember, that you will only get 6,5k UPX if you use an affiliate link.
So feel free to use mine. If you don't want to use mine, make sure you use ANY affiliate link. Otherwise it will take 3x the time to reach 10k UPX, which is the bare minimum to participate in the market!

This post is based on an older draft(somewhere between 1 and 2 months old), I never managed to finish until now, so here is my updated profile screenshot:


As you can see the growth is real. :)

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