Joining the NFT Bandwagon. Chapter 1 - Splinterlands.

This is actually fun. I did not expect that!


Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

My expectations

I'm curently playing five NFT games and splinterlands is one of the newer ones. Since it has the most hype around it right now, I chose to start my new series with splinterlands anyway.

I didn't really expect much from this. It was obvious, that you can make some money here and I head some hive lying around so I chose to check it out. I expected a slow grind, barely making any progress because I wasn't going to invest big. This is what other games on the blockchain looked like. That isn't what I got.

It's fun! It's quickpaced! And every game seems completely different.

Paying dues

Whenever I start something new, be it a game or a job, I expect to make mistakes. That's the only way I can learn. I'm to stubborn for a slow approach with lots of preparation. So I got myself some cheap cards and tried playing this game. That was already a mistake. Buying random cards was a waste of DEC. You start out with a basic set of cards, that's absolutely fine.

Buying random common level 1 cards isn't going to improve your results. But it got me to understand the market and the basics of the game.

Then I checked out the renting system and rented some stronger cards. Again without consideration. No plan for a deck and no real idea about the market value of cards. I did move up ranks a little and learned about the different rules of combat. But it did feel pretty random and I kept getting crushed by the same death deck over and over again.

So I wrote those rented cards off as a loss (Mistake again) and started checking some tutorials. Luckily one of those tutorials was on the renting system and explained how to cancel a renting contract! So I went back and canceld all the cards I didn't actually use.

I finally built a usable deck. Investing a bit much into it (like 70 DEC for crowling lvl2 ). But it worked ! I started winning and moving up to Silver 3. The rewards for winning were pretty nice. I was making upto 10 DEC per win and started grinding. Until I realized my capture rate fell down to 40% or something like that.

What I learned

1.This game is fun! It's easy to learn and tough to master. That's what I'm looking for in a game. There is enough randomness in it's everchaging combat rules to make every game unique and give everyone a chance to win.

  1. This game is not expensive! Once you understand the rules and deck building, you can easily rent a handful of cards for the daily quest and earn it all back through rewards. Besides purchasing the book in the beginning, you can get away with a tiny investment.

  2. This game is addictive! I need to stop myself from grinding it out, because the capture rate only regenerates at 25% per day.

The plan

Right now I'm feeling comfortable at Silver 3. I have 12 chests as pending rewards and can't wait to see what I get. In silver the limitations on the level of cards are higher, so moving up would be more expensive. For now I feel fine with grinding out daily quests and learning the game bit by bit.

The Sellout

This is probably going to be a circle jerk kind of post, where only people who already play splinterlands are going to read it. But I'm going to shoot my shot anyway. If you want to check out the game, feel free to use my referall link:

P.S. :
Oh yeah. I'm back, bitches! I haven't written in a while because I was busy writing boring stuff on human ressources and leadership. Now I'm back to writing about fun stuff! Very exciting!

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