Building a business on POB !

Sleepless nights

Hello everybody!
I'm having a few stressful weeks right now and as usual, sleep is the first thing that goes, when I have to rely on caffeine to be productive. A side benefit of this little problem I have is, that I keep coming up with ideas. Most of them are useless and forgotten by the time I wake up in the morning.

This one is different! cue epic music

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The plan

1. Get writers.

I'm going to create a magazine on POB. It sounds huge and at least my vision for the magazine has a lot of scalability. But the basic idea is pretty straightforward.

I'm going to introduce freelance writers to POB by paying for their services. There are thousands if not millions of writers out there dreaming of becoming professional writers and realizing their potential. Most of them (like myself) lose hope and start working their 9 to 5. Others try to stay in the field doing soul-destroying boring work for little money. Here is where I want to build a bridge for exactly those writers. Specifically, I'm going to start with fiverr.

I'm not going to hire people who offer 500 words for 5$. I'm pretty sure this is just full of people who spin articles on the internet until they barely make any sense, hoping to pass the plagiarism check. My goal is to look for writers in the 10-20 $ range. Writers whose bio makes it clear, that they like writing and writers, who have some smidgen of soul in their writing. "I will write 500 words on everything." Just doesn't show any kind of character. I'm looking for people who have a little passion.

2. Publish content

Step 1 was pretty simple and intuitive. This here is where it gets more complicated. What do I do with that content? Do I publish it on my own account risking alienating my followers? People, who regularly upvote most of my content, because they expect a certain level of either quality or entertainment? I couldn't take that risk and I wouldn't want to muddy the waters.

I will create a second account, that is designated for the magazine only. I will reblog it on my personal account and I will promote it on discord. That's it. Every post is a little baby bird taking its' first flight. Hopefully not plunging to its' death. I rely heavily on you guys to help me pick which writers I'm going to keep.

3. Finances

I will invest somewhere between 50-100$ of my own money, to kickstart this project.

Then I expect it to keep moving on its' own or I will have to let it go.

POB pays well! If the content doesn't hold up to POB, I won't spend more of my hard-earned money on it.

Assuming POB stays at a price of $0.70 like it is right now. Then it would take 28 POB to pay for an article that costs $20. Adding POB-taxes and the curators' reward, the post needs to be slightly above 60 POB.

A very attainable goal in the current situation.

So don't get me wrong. I have high hopes and expect this to succeed!

The caveat

Since I'm not going to keep bleeding money, we have to start making money pretty soon. This means that the second account will not stake any POB. If it starts making enough profit to allow me to take some, I will gladly stake it on my personal account, but that's not the plan for the foreseeable future. There are many writers to check and many posts to write. I expect to reinvest every dollar this project is going to make in 2021.

What do you think?

This plan won't work, without your support and there has been trouble with other people, who sell all their rewards and don't stake anything.

I have gotten great feedback on discord and people seem fine with it because it bridges POB to the outside and allows us to recruit better writers.

But I think it's only fair to give you a chance to say your piece. Give me your honest opinions in the comments!

The benefits

1. More and better content

This one is obvious. I will work hard to find the best writers and curate their work. I'll look everything over and make sure it's up to par. I will have to do a lot of formatting and get some pretty pictures into it. I will do my best to get the best content out of this!

2. New writers

This is more of a long-term goal. I'm aware that prices on fiverr are pretty much exploiting their writers. This is why I will work with full transparency. I will offer every writer the chance to add his own signature to the content and I will send every writer a link to their post so that they can see how their post performed.

Every single one of the writers, who deserve to be in my magazine, will be able to earn much more on his own. I fully expect to lose most of my writers rather sooner than later.

But the project's loss will be the communities gain because they will stick around to make some of that sweet POB money on their own!

3. Supporting talent

This may be connected to the second point, but it hits me differently. I'm a failed blogger. I had my own website and I kept writing and writing my heart out, without getting any traction. So I know how it feels to not be able to do what you love because you need to start earning money. That is the demographic I'm after. I want to give them the same feeling, that I got when I started actually making decent money on POB! I want them to get that spark back and grow their talent.

What the hell will this magazine be about?!

Oh yeah. You might be interested to know what it's actually going to be about...
It won't involve any POB-Drama. That's for sure! The name is not fixed in stone yet, but I'm thinking of calling it "The Wanderer". What does a wanderer do? He travels! So you can expect a lot of posts on travel. But a wanderer is also somebody who has the opportunity to meet a lot of people and learn many skills. So the three pillars of the Wanderer are going to be travel, people, and learning. A very broad area that allows me to squeeze in pretty much anything I want, while still making sure it fits very well within the parameters of POB. I think the Wanderer is going to help me realize my personal vision for POB.

I want POB to be about entertainment and human growth. I want to move away from drama and politics! POB should be about switching off from the outside and spending some time with like-minded friends, who share their stories at a campfire, drinking wine, and eating marshmallows. I want to go back to that exciting time in our lives, when we couldn't wait to share what we learned, with other people.

Help me make this vision a reality and tell me what you think!

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