ARCHON Governance and Multi-Signature - The key to POB decentralization and governance

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Today I would like to address a problem that everyone knows about and is talking about currently .

POB is one of the most unique tribe on Hive ( well every tribe has its own uniqueness ) but POB tribe became popular right from early days and we right now have an opportunity to continue making it more popular or just throw it all away by doing nothing.

Important issues that needs to be addressed

  1. Right now @proofofbrainio isn't as active as other members of the community . I understand that he/she/they might be busy in their real life but in that case delegating the tasks to other trusted members of the community will help things move in the forward direction .

  2. There is lot of energy within the community and lot of important discussions are happening in the tribe . Be it who should be muted or who should be unmuted , who should be downvoted , what should be downvoted etc . There is so much drama going on which needs to addressed .

  3. Tribes aren't decentralized in any way . It gives power to one person and that person can change the fate of all the community members ( with respect to token earnings ofcourse ). If we see POB to be a million dollar project in future ( like LEO team believes in their token ) then we must focus on instilling confidence in the investors . So instead of just stating " I trust in the founder , let him do what he feels is right , I stand by him" - let us change it to " I believe in the founder but I believe in decentralization" .

  4. The founder should just be an enabler according to me if you want to increase the confidence of investors . The founder shouldn't be allowed to take decisions according to his discretion , he must listen to the community to every decision and take the decision that community approves .

I am sure there are more issues which needs to be addressed but right now the above mentioned issued are of priority to me .

How can we make POB decentralized ?

This is what I will focus on in this article .

I saw another post by @vempromundo about POB governance . It is a good start but what we need is to focus on the "tools" which enables good governance and not just the rules .

We gotto make sure the rules are enforced.

  • The article mentions 5 people in the council discussing and coming to a decision "together" .

The idea would be the consensus, thinking about solutions until they reach one that the five agree on

But that doesn't solve the existing issue -
@proofofbrainio isn't active so if all the 5 has to discuss and come to a conclusion together then the other 4 has to wait till he is free and okay to discuss .
We have to find a way for decisions to be made without him . How ? I will explain it below .

  • Art. 3: For greater ease of dialogue with small members without representation, each member must be from a different country.

I personally don't like representatives of different "countries" .

POB is a global community , we are here because we are like minded people . Go to STEMGeeks you will find all people who are interested in Science , Math etc . Go to LeoFinance you will find users who are interested in crypto and finance .

I am here as a representative of other like minded people and not as a representative of my country .
What is the need to segregate and choose based on Country ?

I like other country users post than my own countrymen so I obviously support and protect their concerns .
I am from India and the userbase is very small , so even if I have good ideas for the community , I can't be in the council because I don't have countrymen supporting me ?

The selection criteria for the membership should be based on "Understanding of tribe , decentralization , tokenomics , marketing , onboarding , programming skills , Public relations , governance" and not country .

Let's say we have 5 brilliant people on POB who have contributed a lot but they all come from 2 different country , so you aren't gonna place them in the council no matter what their contribution is because they are from same country ?

I never built an app or built a service to service my own countrymen . Everyone here is the same , they talk about various different topics which affects us all and binds us all so when we aren't providing the service ( service in the form of posts and content too ) to our countrymen there is no need to protect "country or regional" interest .

I love Hive and LeoFinance and POB because I have made friends from all over the world , please don't segregate based on country and we might people start fighting what is good for their own country , it's not good . We are a global community , remember it .

Coming to my suggestions.

ARCHON Style of Governance

Firstly I would like to mention this -

Is it perfect and solves all problems ? No .

Is it a step in right direction for decentralization ? Absolutely yes .

What is it ?

It gives the power to the community members . If we adopt this to POB , then

  1. Anyone can create a proposal on anything ( right from buying tokens from market using @pob-fund to transferring ad-revenue to developer )
  2. The proposal will be passed if 51% of the POB staked accounts vote on the proposal and majority has voted for yes .

Example: Let's say we decide to buy POB using ad-revenue but @proofofbrainio is busy . I can start a proposal for this using ARCHON style of governance .

Users will have 7 days to vote . Let's say 100000 POB is staked overall then

  1. Accounts holding 51k POB together must vote for the proposal to be valid . If say 200 users who have staked 10 POB vote , the proposal won't be passed because their stake isn't enough .

If 51% of the users have voted for YES then "automatically" during the post payout the code is executed and the action is taken . I repeat that it is all automatic so even if @proofofbrainio disappears we can continue making proposals and passing them .

Does any other tribe use this ?

As far as I know - ARCHON and SPORTSTALKSOCIAL uses this type of governance .

Has anyone used it before ?

Sure , I have used it myself on Sportstalk tribe to pass my engagement project .

55% of overall Sports staked voted and 95% voted for YES .

Here is the proposal -

How to enable it if community decides to adopt ?

Then the founder must talk to @taskmanager who is the developer of this wonderful system . I will help him with this .

Check this post to see list of what we tasks can be done using ARCHON governance



The first suggestion from my side is ARCHON governance , second is Multi-Signature.

Hive supports multi-signature .

We talked earlier that there should be a 5 member council and they will discuss and come to decision collectively . Now how can you make sure the decision is taken collectively ?

Let's say I am one of the member and I just sell POB from @pob-fund on market and vanish ?
Or say I transferred everything to my own account ?

I know many of you might say " We must trust them: but not all big investors agree with that , they don't trust anyone and they don't have to . We have to utilize the systems and tools which enables everyone to work together without need for ultimate trust , ofcourse some amount of trust is necessary but not too much .

Is there anyway to prevent this ?

Yes , Multi-Signature solves this problem .

Let's say we have to enable multi-sign for @pob-fund account then what we can do is - we can give 25% power to 4 accounts ( or any other percentage to any number of accounts ) and we can set the threshold for any activity as 75% .

What does it mean now ? That means 1 user cannot make a transaction , 2 users also can't make a transaction . Only if 3 users agree to that particular transaction then it can be passed.

Note that the 4th member isn't even required here , so even if he disappears or is inactive for 5-6 months it won't matter .

We can set threshold to 50% too if we just need 2 users to agree for a particular activity .

We can have upto 40 accounts for a particular role if I am not wrong .

All this cannot be implemented and shouldn't be implemented tomorrow itself , this is just for discussion .I am just trying to make the community aware of the tools and resources we have currently to make POB decentralized . If users find it interesting and benefits POB then the founder can take the further steps .

This post became lengthier than expected . In coming days , I will give a demo of how multi-sign works for those who need practical explanation and also I will give a demo of ARCHON governance as I plan to start a proposal on SPORTSTALKSOCIAL soon .


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