There is a project out there claiming to be Solana Classic by name and lunching on the Binance Smart Chain. The Airdrop is ongoing and it's presale. You get 200 SOC from it's airdrop and the minimum buy is 0.01 BNB for 1,000 SOC while the maximum is 50 BNB. You can check it out on this link

My challenge with this project is that Solana recently about four days now is having issues with it's blockchain and the developers are running around trying to fix this issue. Remember Solana didn't start out as a blockchain. It started out as a token on the Binance Smart Chain to raise capital first to execute there project instead of going to the bank to raise funds. The primary essence of tokenisation is to raise capital for your project. Instead of going to the bank for loans.

Please note that my explanation does not validate the claims/authenticity of the airdrop flying around as solana bla bla bla. Any project initiated by solana Devs now will be on Solana network because they have their Blockchain in place now. Always learn to do your own research before jumping on any airdrop or project. Take this as an educational material please.

Riding on the name of a trending token is already a red flag. Don't buy a token because it's riding on a trending token name. The fundamentals is beyond that fact. Look at those tokens that has come in a similar name of a trending token, what have they done in terms of price and value - anything special? Know your fundamentals very well. Riding on the name of a trending token is not a good fundamental. Of this token is trending, it's because Solana is trending. What happens when Solana Dev fixes the problem?

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