Evolving Trend And Opportunities


I have come to realize that everything is playing out according to trend in the Crypto industry. Maybe largely due to the fact that the market is evolving. The market is changing but not far from where it started from. 2017/2018 was the era of ICO. People had issues with ICO and from that disappointment, people are now looking elsewhere for means of lunching project.

If you have to lunch a crypto project now, you need backing from people who can vouch for you and your integrity. This gave birth to Lunch pad. Lunch pad are platforms that allows you to lunch your project on their own platform. Some of these lunch pads are investor in the project and they much have done their research and findings about you and the project and it's geniuiety before investing in it. They do a lot of background work on the project. Looking at the smart contract and other things.

If a project is coming out today and I find it on a particular lunch pad platform example- say Binance. I know Binance pedigree so for me I don't think I need to do too much research on the project because I can safely assume 40% of the research I needed to do must have been carried out by Binance before lunching the project. For the fact that the project is lunching on Binance gives it some credibility. There are projects that don't lunch on their own. They lunch on other people's platform, whiles there are some others who lunch on their own. Some of these lunch pads don't have their own blockchain but do have their own token.

A lunch pad with its own token will tell you if you want to qualify to get a new token been lunch on their platform, you'll need to hold a minimum number of their token. I think this always make sense in the long run because you would have cash in cheaply on a new and promising project and then eventually cash out huge returns in the future.

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